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To cook or not to cook?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by nhodgson23, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Is cooking in schools value added or a recipe for disaster?
  2. Is cooking in schools value added or a recipe for disaster?
  3. I'm on the Value added team. But in what context? Enrichment or lessons? IAx
  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    It depends on who teaches it and what they teach. Food Tech-ridiculous, HE Food and Nutrition-brilliant.
  5. As a life skill essential, but not within D&T as "design & make" projects, but as food & nutrition developing & building on skills throughout KS3
  6. Totally agree with the above. Kids need to be taught about the importance of food and nutrition and need to be able to cook for themselves and not rely on fast foods or convenience foods. I am a firm believer that food should not be taught within D&T but should stand as a separate entity. With all the issues surrounding obesity in this country, I am amazed that the government do not place more importance on us as a subject to try and combat the issue.

    To 'jump through the hoops' in my school, I do a little work on designing but try and focus on teaching my pupils skills and recipes that they will cook time and time again.
  7. In the curriculum in lessons..but also as extra in Enrichment day
  8. Why do you think that is ?What do the students like?
  9. Students love...
    • being able to create something successful & professional looking & delicious fairly independently & in one lesson.
    • the changes that happen during the cooking process - partly because they don't see it so much at home e.g. bread or yorkshire puddings rising have a "wow" factor, or adding bicarb to honeycomb mixture - it's like magic
    • not having to write all the time - it's a chance to learn & show off lots of different skills
    • learning something which they know will be useful in later life
    for some students it can also be the cosy environment which can be created especially for small lower ability groups. The kitchen can either be run as in industry with military precision, or as a homely setting which can suit different needs.
    The important thing is that the person running the lessons has knowledge & ability- I believe that the skill of running practical lessons is not so much knowing how to make things correctly- but foreseeing problems, recognising when things have / are going wrong, and knowing how to rectify them, and transform what was a potential disaster into an edible & successful result.
    (Which is, by the way, another thing that students love.... seeing what looks like a disaster transformed into the type of product that people would pay good money for from M&S!)
  10. I am in my GTP final term and I realised how important cooking is when I had a year 10 student who didn't know what to cook for his free cook lesson. I suggested he cook something he was familiar with, perhaps something that mum cooked at home. He told me that he only ever had jam sandwiches at home as he had free school dinners. This taught me a very valuable lesson, not everyone has the experience of cooked meals at home. It is such a vital life skill.

    Whilst cooking is great and most of the kids love it, it can be a recipe for disaster if you only have hour lessons. Time pressure can lead to high stress levels for teachers and students and then it's no longer fun and little learning is taking place. You are very limited on what can be cooked successfully in that time, especially if they are coming to you from the other end of the site or late from assembly.

    I think we should have more practical lessons and less writing about researching, planning and evaluating cooking.
  11. Thank you for your views..interesting to see that young people do not all have the opportunity to cook at school and as so often for so many no chance at home! So many families having working Mums and children having to feed themselves

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