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To clear this pay freeze business up

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by ljp84, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

  2. Thanks for this. You should do the buget speach!!

  3. I am about to enter a PGCE course in September and so in some respects will not be affected in the same way as those already teaching. However I would like to say that I have been working in the private sector for a lot of years and for the last 2 have not had a pay rise. Everybody has been affected by the current financial climate perhaps up until now those in the public sector have been a little more fortunate. I am more than prepared to do whatever is needed either to help out a small company in bad financial times or our country - aren't these thing's important? However I do think that the banks etc should be made to take more responsibility for the position we are now in, after all would we even be having this discussion without their poor judgement and irresponsible behaviour???
  4. Only Me

    Only Me New commenter

    I was kinda hoping that everyone would keep quiet about this - before they give the w@nkers any more ideas of how to kill us off.
  5. jcolledge

    jcolledge New commenter

    Tom clancy, that is the rise he was talking about. Every year the pay scales alter by the agreed %. That is the cost of living increase what he is talking about.

    Some schools have already budgeted for a rise this year so some may get one.
  6. I'm happy to take the pay freeze, however in my sector, F.E. we are also being made to lose 3 weeks (5 weeks for some of my colleagues) holidays. Think of yourselves as lucky!
  7. I feel they should increase teachers pay to what is should be as they've fallen behind for a wile now. Then they can freeze pay for 2 years. That way, teachers have been given what they're owed and then they can help the economic recovery.
  8. As teachers we do the best for our children. It's not their fault. I personally would not get job
    satisfaction if I didn't do my best. The pay freeze is unfair but we are professionals
  9. The September 2010 rise has been honoured though, yes? So we get a rise in September and then that's what's frozen. I read that on the NASUWT website.
  10. thank you - I hadn't really looked into what it all meant so appreciate the glimmer of clarity against a mountain of mush. Times are hard. I wonder if I could play footie instead!!
  11. I've just finished mine. I've come to teaching in search of some stability after eighteen years in electronics, and I can't believe the moaning I've heard from some serving teachers.
    I was laid off three times in the six years to 2009. My pay peaked in 2004 and has gone down ever since, and I've taken a 50% cut to become a teacher. I've had no pension arrangement of any kind since 2005, but for my whole career I've been paying for public employees to retire on generous pensions.
    Really, teachers seem to have no idea how good they have it. If you don't like the pay, the conditions or your employer, leave! Go do something else and leave some jobs for those who can see how good it really is. See if you can find another employer who'll raise your pay just because you've been doing the job for one more year and give you a defined benefits pension at the end of it all. Good grief.

  12. I received the following piece of information regarding the "cost of living" payrise associated with the three year pay deal that teachers currently have with the government. This is directly from Michael Gove:
    "The Government has today announced a two year pay freeze for all public sector workforces from 2011-2012, but remains committed to honouring in full the three-year pay award recommended by the School Teachers’ Review Body. I can therefore confirm that the teachers’ pay uplift for this year will be implemented from September 2010, marking the last instalment of their three-year pay award."
  13. I'm not bothered about the pay freeze. I used to work within the food industry (and wanting to go back) and had no pay rise for 2 years, not due to my performance but due to the state of the company's profit (or lack of). My husband works within IT and hasn't had a payrise for 2 years. Why should he? Should he expect it, even if there are redundancies? Out of a team of 10 originally, 3 have been made redundant.

    If we want this economy to get back on track, then we all need to pull our weight.
  14. I have to agree with the last few posts. My husband has not had a pay rise for over three years now but he is happy to have a job. In education, our job is probably more secure than any.
    Of course we would all like to earn more but, it is clearly not a good idea to take money out of an empty purse!
    Actually, I would willingly take a pay cut if someone would cut my 60 hour week by a few hours!
  15. You are all a joke.You are like turkeys voting for Xmas. Thatcher deregulates the markets, the pseudosocialists Blair/Brown continue the policy, Cameron & Osbournes Eton banker mates and their ilk get us in the doodoo and then they implement their neocon ideology with their Orange Book pseudoliberal pals. These millionnaires will feel no pain and neither will their mates who are back in the speculation business again. Keep up at the back and read the business sections instead of the lifestyle sections. You work in the private sector, you gamble in the free enterprise market. Don't moan if the gamble doesn't come off.
    After voting for it (let's face most teachers did) you're now voting to walk down into steerage on the Titanic. I try not to laugh too much. [​IMG]
  16. This place is meant to be somewhere teachers can talk to one another and support one another. Yet this is the second occasion this week where I have been SHOCKED by the amount of mean, rude, nasty comments posted up here.
  17. I think this is an excellent idea!
    However it is unlikely to take off as many of us are fearful for our jobs, especially if we are older and therefore more expensive to employ (and cheaper to replace).

    How do we all feel about working until we are 70???

  18. If I'm still functioning in body and mind, who cares? I'll work until I'm 80. My grandmother always complained of boredom anyway.
  19. What right do you have to call people a joke? There is no need to be so rude! As I say to my children if you have nothing nice or constructive to say, don't bother saying it.
    For starters I never voted Conservatives as I didn't like their education policy and secondly I don't mind having a pay freeze for two years if it means that the economy can begin to get back on its feet, although like many I will have to keep an extra eye on my finances as I am pretty sure that the cost of petrol, electricy, gas etc will not be frozen!
  20. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Fallen behind what? Teachers are pretty well paid in comparison with many professions.

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