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To be or not to be?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by rugby_gal06, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I qualified last summer as a primary teacher - graded outstanding, but I was unable to secure a post, due to not many being around and a family bereavement. I have been doing supply since September and I have been writing about this positively in my applications. However, 25 applications down the line I am still not getting anywhere, even being told by one head teacher that the reason I was not being shortlisted was because I am a supply teacher!!!! (Not sure how else I was supposed to keep my knowledge & skills up to date to have a chance at staying in the profession...).
    I genuinely believe teaching was and is what I am meant to do, but it seems I can't compete against all the new NQTs, even though I have gained valuable experience on supply alongside paying to go on CPD courses to keep my hand in and it hasn't helped at all!
    Sadly, I have given myself until the end of term to secure a post, before I have to seriously start considering other possibilities. However, with a degree in primary education, it is rather difficult to get into other professions.
    Out of interest, I was just wondering if it is worth continuing to apply for jobs after the summer holidays. I have to apply for my extension in January, with my chances of securing a post becoming ever slimmer. Or have a really missed the boat to begin my teaching career?
    Many thanks.
  2. Please do not give up. Schools often find they have an urgent and last minute staffing requirement. I have sent you a private message through this website.
  3. If you want a job be prepared to travel and teach anywhere. Foot in the door etc.
  4. I am taking that approach, but still not having any luck!
  5. Must be your letter. Get some help with that and try again.
  6. I have just advertised. Only hadf 10 applicants. Shortlisted down to 5, 3 found jobs before the interview. Where are you looking - I will possbly have to readvertise! Shortage of jobs - more like shortage of decent applicants for me.
  7. I agree! Very hard to find anyone half decent at the moment.
  8. Where in the country is there such a shortage of decent applicants? I am usually applying against well over 100 -- and I'm sure a great many of those are excellent teachers.
  9. south west

  10. Were you advertising for a primary or secondary teacher?
  11. South west too!

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