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To apply for NPQH or NPQSL?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by AM_48, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. AM_48

    AM_48 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently been in lots of conversations with my HT who thinks I have real potential for headship - as did my previous head. It wasn't something I had considered until she first mentioned it but I have considered it and come to the decision it may be something I am interested in for the future. Her view is that doing it sooner before having chn etc would be beneficial as I know it would obviously take some time to work up. She would really like me to apply for NPQH and it just so happens that the opportunity for fully funded places has just come up - so it's a bit of a sign maybe? Too good to miss?

    However I am unsure of the likelihood to be accepted - I am in my 5th year of teaching in KS1 and now in my 2nd year as English lead. We had lots of LA involvement last year due to a results dip and I was heavily praised by the 2 inspectors we had (changed half way through the year).
    I know I need experience in KS2 and this is something I have discussed with my head for next academic year. I have also taken on the role of NQT/Induction mentor for our 2 new staff this year. I have also lead change on a whole school level in my English role.

    From your experience, how likely is it I'll be accepted? Or am I better to apply for NPQSL? Is it possible to apply for both and see what happens?

    Any advice appreciated!
  2. Pomza

    Pomza Star commenter

    Wouldn’t bother with either - NPQH is not valued like it used to be and is unlikely to be the factor which decides whether or not you ever get a HT job. If your HT did NPQH themselves they probably attach some personal value to it, which isn’t reflected in the wider profession.

    Completing NPQSL is unlikely to have any impact at all on your career - if you’re a succceasful middle leader and teacher already, moving to a promotional role shouldn’t be too difficult, there is a national shortage of quality teachers and leaders.

    What WOULD help you get a HT job in the future is a successful stint as DHT, and maybe even AHT before that.
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  3. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    wot Pomza said!
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  4. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    I’m not sure I agree. I still think NPQH will give you wider experience in leadership theory and practice. However, I do agree that significant deputy head experience is the best preparation particularly if it is for more than one headteacher.

    Mmmm, five years experience. Is it too soon? Aim for assistant head or deputy for at least another five years whilst doing the NPQH, that would be my advice.
  5. lucyjessicaa

    lucyjessicaa New commenter

    I realise this post was a few months ago now, but interested in what you decided in the and AM_48?
    I'm in a similar situation and undecided. I have been teaching for 5 years, SLT/full time SEND/Inclusion lead for 2 years, and recommended by out HT to go for NPQH.
    I'm anxious about whether I have enough experience to go for it... but the funding is only available this year so don't want to regret not doing it .... Let me know what you decided!
  6. marmitemate

    marmitemate New commenter

    I did an NPQH (recently after 18 years of teaching and 8 on SLT) and it did give me that breadth and depth of knowledge and made me explore different theories and research in education that I didn't have the time to before. So. I found it useful, but again, not sure how valued it is these days. Experience over time is better..just my thoughts really...

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