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TLR's, management allowances etc -

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by samscalling, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. I wonder if someone can help me.

    I understand that you advance up the main payscale 1 point per year (or 2 if you're very good, etc etc), and once you reach the top, you can apply to cross the threshold.

    I'm confused though about TLR's - do you have to be at the top of the scale to do this, or say after 5 years teaching when you were on M5, & you had a TLR - does your M5 salary get added with the TLR bonus to form your pay?

    Also - how does the leadership and management scales work - are that the same as the past, or have TLR's affected that? It's just they are still on the below website so I'm a little confused why if they've been replaced...

    I've tried looking here http://www.tes.co.uk/Your_Career/Pay_scales_2006-8/ and although there is lots of info, I can't find the answers to my questions.

  2. I've managed to clarify this a bit for myself - TLR's have replaced the old management allowances....but I'm still unsure of whether you have to be at a certain point to have a TLR added onto your salary, or whether it gets added on no matter where you are on the scale?

    Also, what constitues 'Leadership' - how do you advance onto this scale? Does a HoY or HoD come under the TLR...what posts come under the leadership pay scale?
  3. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    TLRs only get awarded if you hold (or apply and get) a TLR post. They are not "added" to your main salary at a certain point - they are for extra responsibility.

    The Leadership Spine is a different payscale and people on it do not have the 1265 hours part in their contract. Again, you would get on this spine by applying for a post that was advertised at this level. Usually Assistant Heads, Deputy Heads and Head Teachers.

    As for the HoD thing - well it depends what, if any, TLRs the school has attached to the post.
  4. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    Oh - and you could apply for a TLR post at any point after your NQT year. And the amount gets added on to your MPS salary as that is an extra amount for the extra responsibility that the post carries.
  5. Shame on you for not understanding TLRs, its now all crystal clear! It is I promise you! The amount of the TLR and what it is for and what is being done in that post for the remuneration! How a person gets appointed to their post however is the murkier problem. If you are in a school the TLRs are part of an official structure that 'should' have been published. As for the threshold, you can 'apply' to cross this when you reach the end of the current pay scale. Then you fill in a very detailed form and gather evidence to prove your statements made in the form. If you are passed then you have crossed into the world of UPS 1 --> UPS 2 --> UPS 3 with 2yrs inbetween each of these transitions. Your head etc will determine your suitability to be progressed along UPS. You can if you apply for a management position hold UPS and TLR. In the world of teaching for some teachers the salaries can be very respectable!
  6. Thank you - all clear now!
  7. hi mungo

    can you confirm the ups progression, please? i knew it was two years between ups1 and ups 2 but i thought ups threee was one year later - not two.


  8. smirnoffice

    smirnoffice New commenter

    two years gap between each
  9. thanks, smirnoff.
  10. Smirnoffice, you say there is 2 years between UPS 1 and UPS2 but I recently had a conversation with my DH and she informed me that the Head can recommend progression after one year if he feels a member of staff is performing well. Is this right, does it depend on your LEA or is the two year gap compulsory?
  11. two years unless there are exceptional circumstances (STPCD 19.4.1)
  12. Examinations, what would count as exceptional circumstances? Where can I find STPCD 19.4.1? Thanks for your help.
  13. there should be a copy of the SchoolTeachers Pay and Conditins Document in every school

    or you can find it online


    exceptional means just that - so much so that we do not believe it has ever been used more than half a dozen times

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