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TLR non contact - gone

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by kharvey88, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. kharvey88

    kharvey88 New commenter

    Hi all

    What's your experience of gaining non contact time for TLRs and losing them to be line Managed for the TLR and going on the 'walk about rota'? Seems useless and counter intuitive....
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Line management may be useful professional discussion or irritating micromanagement (or something in between). You need to find ways to ensure your line manager is able "to get on with all their other important jobs" once useful discussion is finished.
    When I was timetabled for learning walks, they gave year 12 helpers who were irritatingly keen and came looking for me when I had more important things to do.
  3. bench9

    bench9 New commenter

    Hi, this is always a bone of contention for staff in our school as TLRs are for quite varied responsibilities, some of which require more time to complete than others. To give an example, one teacher has a TLR for managing our trainee teachers, NQTs and RQTs. This is very time-heavy with a lot of observations and feedback and joint planning meetings. The teacher has 4 periods as a result. Another teacher carries the same TLR but is responsible for literacy and only has 1 extra period.

    The hours and pay are agreed by the teacher when they agree the roles and responsibilities with the Head on gaining the post but also in our yearly appraisal review. Given the changing needs of schools from year to year, very often these roles change. But our leadership team make this clear at the outset and staff understand that the process is a negotiation during appraisal.

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