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TLR and removing responsibility

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by StarPoppet, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. I'm responsible for a specific subject in my school up to exam level. If this is no longer offered at exam level (no consultation neither) how would that affect the TLR? Can they do this, considering I was employed to be in charge of this subject?
    Thanks. SP

  2. I'm responsible for a specific subject in my school up to exam level. If this is no longer offered at exam level (no consultation neither) how would that affect the TLR? Can they do this, considering I was employed to be in charge of this subject?
    Thanks. SP

  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Any alterations to your present post would have to be reflected in changes to the school's overall structure, which would have to go through specific consultation (staff and unions) before implementation. If the decision was taken to reduce or eliminate your TLR, your salary would be protected for 3 years.
    It's still 'if', however - the head may not be even considering doing this, just because the exam has gone.
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Agree with middlemarch, presumably your job description actualy mentions this responsibility?
  5. Yes it does. No consultation been done either.
    Thanks for the replied too.
  6. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Just to hijack this thread and turn it over to another contentious issue: there are those who would maintain that you can not give up a TLR responsibility if you so choose, especially if you were employed to take up a TLR post. their position being that if you relinquish the TLR responsibility you are also, in effect, resigning your teaching post.
    I would ask those of such a view what they think of the situation the OP is in: if the school legitimately restructures and removes the TLR role, is the teacher by your logic not automatically redundant as soon as the TRL is removed? or does the school have to keep the TLR until the incumbent can be given anther role? what if the person did not want that role?

    just a thought....
  7. That's what I think is actually going on, especially what I've already experienced (harassment).

    Constructive dismissal?
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Whilst a lot of people have argued that the TLR is the whole job (i.e. teacher plus responsibility), I don't believe for a moment that you could argue that a restructure which removed a TLR (which might happen, for example, if a school changed from having teachers as pastoral heads to employing non-teachers) should make those teachers redundant. In this case, for example, the teaching those staff did would still need to be done.
    Or, say the head wanted to move to a faculty model, wherein some seconds in dept were removed. Again, the teaching those people did would remain.
    Using the 'whole post redundant' isn't one I can see the unions accepting, either - it's the thin end of the 'how to get rid of a teacher you don't want/like' wedge, surely?
    As for keeping the TLR until the incumbent can be given another role - that would effectively prevent a school ever reducing its management pay bill - which was definitely not a thing desired when the TLR system was introduced. A schol whose roll reduced sufficiently to require a reduction in management spending would certainly look to remove TLRs - without necessarily wanting to make those staff redundant.
  9. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    I think the DCSF covered that eventuality, didn't they?:
    Not if the responsibilities were carried out by another member of staff, temporary TLRs can be awarded to such a person, covering a vacancy pending appointment.
    which the former postholder can continue to caryy out as part of their professional duties.
    In the end tk, the DCSF reply tells the satory: this issue can only be settled through case law and local agreement or a revamp of the STPCD to give some clarity: 'it is the school's decision' fills me with dread.
    My real concern here is that I see the opposing position to my own to be: the school can remove a teacher's TLR and then move them into a completely different kind of work, of a kind they neither applied for nor put themselves forward for and nothing can be done about it. But on the other hand the teacher has no right to relinquish a responsibility (which perhaps they find unsuited to their skills or career aspirations, too much work, too boring, too restricting, too intrusive,etc etc) without resigning?? seems a tad one-sided and worth a bit of a struggle to challenge or even up.
    and hence it makes sense to redeploy said postholder into that vacancy.

  10. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    On this, we are in total agreement.
  11. Hope you do not mind but can I ask another question?
    I started at my current school in Sept and am currently on a TLR2b and am in charge of History and Citizenship. At the begining of November I also had PHSE added by the head as she felt the three subjects go hand in hand. However this had not been mentioned on the advertisement, at interview and is not on my job description. My TLR was not altered nor my ppa time.
    Because of the lack of SOW's and resource for the two subjects I am having to wite them during my weekends.
    I would like to give up PHSE but do not know how I would go about it or how it would effect my TlR.
    Can someone give me some advice.
  12. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    If the change to the TLR post was not passed by the governing body and consulted on with staff, then your post has not been altered and you have been asked to do vouintary work. Your head can not just 'add' work to an existing TLR post. Just tell her that you will do things as a favour but when you get round to it. Or refuse to do it and seek union support and fight it if she pursues the matter.
    Kind of goes with the territory when you have a TLR for subject leadership: it's almost certainly in the job description.
    The former can not be altered without the process referred to above, the latter is irrelevant to this issue, it is the entitlement of all teachers and not dependent on your TLR duties.

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