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Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Makha, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the legal time was for having TLR I know we should get 10% PPA off our timetables but do we need to do our TLR responsibility in that time too? is that possible because I cannot do my planning and subject in 2 hours out of class or do we get time for TLR PE subject coordinating? My head is not helping me and I am new to TLR's, please help!!
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    You should be given a reasonable amount of time to discharge the duties you have relating to your TLR-post. Unfortunately, nowhere does it say what 'reasonable' constitutes.
  3. I have just been through the school staff handbook and all other subject coordinators get extra TLR time on top of their PPA they also have a shadowing teacher to help them with their subjects, except for PE of course which im doing!! I need the help/time more then anyone else as I am new to coordinating any subject and getting paid for it!

    I am going to definately approach the head and I am going to ask him first thing on Monday why he had done this for PE and also why he didn't he tell me my entitlements!

    If I don't get that extra time/help then I will throw it all back into the heads face and he can do the PE, I was doing him a favour as he didn't have time to advertise the PE post at the end of summer term and asked me if I would take over from September, even though I worked through the summer organising PE for the new term, my head however did mention last week that I will have a TLR payment for doing PE.

    Sorry if I sound a bit harsh! But I am so angry and upset! I feel as if im being treated unfairly as I have in the past covered a maternity coordinators post (science) but did not get a single penny and I was too naive and didn't ask for it! I just counted it as experience!

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
  4. squirrel9367

    squirrel9367 New commenter

    All teachers co-ordinate a subject at my school and no one gets a TLR for it. They are linked to the schools development plan and TLR holders (who are also SM) get time for those duties. We get an afternoon a term for subject co-ordination.
  5. HiYa

    Firstly, as this message may reach you after you might have spoken to your Head, hope you found the answer/s to your question, if not then I might be able to help....

    Having held responsibilities in two different schools and my last one being on a senior level (unpaid), the way it worked there was:

    • if you were in-charge of the dept then the TLR time MUST be allocated, this would be seperate from PPA

    • TLR time usually depends on the amount of responsibility involved in that particular subject area, the amount of pupil/student participation, the overall relevance of the responsibility (KS3/KS4, in terms of Y11 taking their final GCSE's compared to KS3 levels?)

    • the overall involvement of the HOD and how they supported this TLR
    One of my members within the dept was given responsibility for the Health and Social Care BTEC Diploma, she was also the HOY for Y7, due to the fact that she had already been allocated TLR for the latter, the school did not award her any extra time for TLR, nor did they pay her any extra as this would have 'pushed' her salary upto SMT level. The Head described her TLR experience as 'a positive move that would show on her Performance Management'?

    She did it becuase of her 'love' for the subject and the pupils who opted for the course.

    In my previous school, I (stupidly) took on the responsibility of looking after BTEC Risk Assessment (a major strain on my allocated time), no time nor money was given.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to TLR time, this would be a 'diplomatic' conversation between you and your head, taking into consideration timetable availability within your dept, which usually means that someone within the dept will loose out.

    When it comes to TLR payment, don't be fooled by the 'promises' made by various SMT that it will benefit you in the long run (no payment), as by the time you receive this you will most probably be too tired and stressed out from working yourself silly...and it may not happen!

    If you take on the responsibility, make sure that you get a letter from the head confirming any extra payment and time (advising you as a NASUWT rep).

    Albeit, as teachers we do take on the extra responsibility because it becomes a 'way of life' and a 'quest'. Ask yourself, Why didn't the head advertise this? Why didn't your HOD support you? Most of all, is it really worth it in the long run?

    Naive in a way, but I hope this helps
  6. Hi there,
    You seem very knowledgable on this subject, so I hoped you could advise. I am maths subject leader at a small school. I am paid on UPS 3, but get no pay or time for being a subject leader. Who is then ultimately responsible, in OFSTED terms, for maths in the school? Our attainment and everything is great, I just don't feel I should be ultimately accountable if I do not get paid for it? Am I being unreasonable? I'm happy to do the work, the auditing, monitoring..., just don't think I should be answerable to OFSTED ultimately.
    Would appreciate any advice.

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