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TLR and Crossing Threshold - ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by buddha01, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I am due to cross threshold at the end of this year and on top of this the head has asked me if I would like a TLR to lead a key stage. Only issue is that the key stage needs a lot of support to get it running successfully and also working alongside staff that aren't as committed to their job as the staff I currently work with. It would also mean leaving a year group that we have spent a lot of time setting up how we like it.
    The question is...is it really worth taking on this role for a year when I'm looking to move on next year anyway just for a bit more money?! Would it be a necessary move if I then wanted to look at year group leader roles elsewhere next year?
    What to do!!! Any advice welcome [​IMG]
  2. Does your head know you are thinking of moving on? If so sounds a bit like he might be trying to keep you? :)
    It sounds like a good experience which would stand you in good stead for moving anywhere, especially into such a role. It 'proves' (so to speak) to an employer you can already do it and are willing to take on a challenge. Also if you are looking to move on then I assume you are prepared to leave the year group anyway, so is this a reason not to accept it?
    Do it for the money ;)
  3. Thank you for your advice. Yes my head does know I'm thinking of moving on. It's a difficult one because next year will be my 5th year at the school and I feel that maybe I need to look elsewhere so I don't become stagnant?! I love my job in Reception and really don't want to leave...that's why I'm finding it a hard decision.
    Do I really need the additional challenge of taking on leader role when I'm already responsible for a lot anyway? So confused it's giving me a headache!!!
    I know I'm very lucky to be offered the position and my head has said they would try to give me a TLR but is it really worth it if I already enjoy what I am doing?!!!!
  4. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    Hi Buddha!
    There are couple of points I'd rasie here.
    First, is there a TLR to give? Headteachers can't really just 'invent' a TLR in order to keep someone...if it doesn't already exist, it has to be approved by the governors as a change to the TLR structure. If it does exist, who has the TLR now...are they leaving? Because a HT can't just decide to take it from one teacher and give it someone else!
    Second, if you are 'already responsible for a lot anyway', are you being paid for it? If not, why not? You deserve to paid appropriately for any extra responsibilities above and beyond teaching your class!
    Thirdly, not everyone stagnates by staying in the same school, so don't just move for the sake of it. I know plenty of teachers who have done just that - leaving a school where they were happy and really regretting it. I have been at the same school for 11 years, and there has been a new challenge every year, because of what I have taken on...I went from mainscale teacher to a Key Stage coordinator, did a role in the school assessment and exams office and I am now a Head of Department, as well as having led other projects. You won't stagnate if you take on new challenges!
    Overall, consider what's best for you!

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