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Tired, tired, tired

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by polyglot91, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. polyglot91

    polyglot91 New commenter

    Hi folks,

    Looking for general advice and also subject specific (MFL).

    I'm wondering how long teachers spend creating resources. I ask as I find I am up very late most nights creating texts and activities for my lessons. I feel I am doing this in my MFL lessons as existing content is either too easy or does not go into enough depth.

    For example, I seem to spend a lot of my time creating texts for the topics we are on. Is this part of other teachers' daily lives?

    To add some context, I am in my post NQT year in a school in Scotland.
  2. captain scarlet

    captain scarlet Established commenter

    Set yourself a time limit. Then stop, or you could do youself some damage.
    Have you not been given any advice or assistance from your department?
    See HOD and ask if there are any resources on the staff shared area, you could get bare bones and modify what is already there.
    You could also google speculatively, eg. MFL Worksheets, or MFL PPT, there are quite a lot of random resources out there, download and ammend.

    Once done, keep a copy on an external drive. I have oodles of ppt's and countless worksheets on mine.Some are adapted from department, but many are written specifically. Most sessions I have now, I can adapt and amend what I already have, this gets added to my growing resource bank.
    Having said this, one spreadsheet I wrote, to help me target poorly answered questions from tests, looking at class as a whole, and I could then do targeted review of these poorly answered questions; this took over a week to fully complete, this was about 15 years ago, but it is stiill as good today as when I first wrote it.
  3. polyglot91

    polyglot91 New commenter

    Thanks, what I'm finding is that there is a wealth of resources on the shared area and I am building up a bank as I go. But I find that (particularly with my beginners S3 Spanish class (year 9) that I want to ensure resources are challenging and cover a sufficient depth.

    Even things like preparing starters such as wordsearches and crosswords are things that don't exist. I think I am always concerned that I am not doing enough in my lessons and that's why what I use needs to be top notch.
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  4. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Lead commenter

    Can you convince yourself that 'just about alright' is all that is needed?
    It appears that you are in the process of burning yourself out which won't do anyone any good.

    There is a retention crisis because lots of keen and eager young 'uns are trying to achieve impossible as routine. You're unlikely to say to SLT "this is too much" but do you have a school union rep who may raise this generally?
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  5. polyglot91

    polyglot91 New commenter

    Yeah I am finding myself up most, if not every night creating things. I like making resources, which is maybe part of the issue?!

    Not under any pressure from SLT or anything, just finding I don't have everything I want to use ready. I think I feel that 'just about alright' isn't allowed if that makes sense?
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  6. captain scarlet

    captain scarlet Established commenter

    Cannot remember where it is, but on the web somewhere is CROSSWORD MAKER, and Wordsearch maker
    ive tried these just

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  7. polyglot91

    polyglot91 New commenter

    Thank you, I use a site to generate them, just takes time to build up a bank I suppose.
  8. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    Perhaps you could use a session in the computer room, and as a starter, give each pupil a list of vocabulary (perhaps there is one to go with each chapter of your textbook?) and get them to create a wordsearch using the site.
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  9. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Make yourself a cut off time each evening that you stop work and get ready for bed/relax. Also, set yourself specific evenings where you do not create resources/work.

    The extra work you are making for yourself is not necessary.

    I like frustrum's idea about getting the students to make wordsearches.

    The TES resource area is brilliant. Even if you have to pay £2.00 for a resource, it is worth it for the time you are going to save yourself, but many are free.

    Don't get burnt out - it isn't worth it.
  10. polyglot91

    polyglot91 New commenter

    Thanks all for your advice :)

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