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Tips to help my daughter write and spell

Discussion in 'English' started by gilly33, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. gilly33

    gilly33 New commenter

    Hello, I thought maybe some of you could help me.
    My daughter is y2 and has struggled with English since reception. The school believe her problems are developmental, although I am not sure. Anyway, she has really improved with reading and has gone from bottom of her class to only getting four words wrong on her latest assessment. I work with her at home and she enjoys it.
    My problem is along with keeping up her reading I really need to work on writing and there are only a few hours spare a day.
    Her letters are big, still some numbers and letters are reversed and she just seems to miss the concept of spelling. An example is ther not there. She can read the word but not write it.
    I know there are good resources on here but feel specific advice would be better. Also with the time constraints the most effective and efficient way to help. I have recently encouraged diary and note writing.
  2. Your daughter's spelling difficulties are due entirely to the inconsistency of English spelling:
    her there were here hear care hair.
    Nearly half of all children find this extremely confusing and take a long time to learn to spell such words correctly.
    Children with good visual memories learn them mainly through lots of reading, but some take much longer and just have to keep working at memorising the irregular spellings.
    U may find my website www.EnglishSpellingProblems.co.uk and blogs helpful, both for understanding your daughter's difficulties and for helping her.
  3. Gilly, your child is still very young:keep it practical and fun at this stage. As mentioned earlier, speak to her teacher if you really feel that she is struggling, but don´t stress too much.
    Whatever you do, don´t take any advice from Masha Bell, and do not waste time visiting her useless website- there are so many fantastic websites out there with useful educational material which will benefit your child.

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