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tips on things to buy before starting PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bhatti00, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I would suggest:
    * Berocca/ vitamin C/ cold cures
    * a nit comb
    * anti bacterial hand wipes or similar
    * an organic veg box!
    All the above- I am semi serious here!

    You will need suitable clothes for teaching practice- if you are going into Primary, *do not* be tempted by anything dry clean only or pale colours. On your first visit you will get covered in snot, blood or paint! go for machine washable stuff that needs minimum ironing.
    Comfortable shoes, as another poster advised
    If Early Years/ KS1, trousers rather than skirts are sensible
    A *very* warm waterproof coat for playground duty and waiting at bus stops.
  2. Giant bag.
    Reams of paper, and toner. Never bought a lamintor, never had the desire to laminate anything so far.
    Basic clothes - easy to wash, block colours...even as secondary I end up covered in ink/glue half the time.
    Comfortable shoes, clearly.
    Files - at least 4 lever-arch files
    Plastic wallets - don't skimp on these by buying cheap ones, they're ****! I made that mistake...
    A watch - yeah mine stopped the day before I began placement, that was really, really annoying.
    USB flash drives - several small ones
  3. Oh and the nit comb is a must. Yes, I'm secondary. Yes, I've seen lice in people's hair at work. Ew. I nit-comb mine once a week but have never found anything thankfully!

    It makes your hair really soft, too!
  4. peterdevon

    peterdevon New commenter

    Shoes, really good shoes that are smart, durable & comfy. You will be on your feet a lot.
  5. lagartija, you're my hero! Just ordered my funky trundle, can't wait for it to get here! The trip from the car park to the classroom will be far more pleasant now I hope :)
  6. It's two years since I qualified. I found there was a lot of demand for the same books and I found myself buying so many expensive books which were perhaps used for one essay only. The most useful ones were the skills test books and I would think these would be useful to have before the start of term - that is if they are still relevant, I'm guessing the skills tests still have to be done and that things haven't changed that much!
    If you are going to buy books, remember that there are lots of secondhand books on the internet. Check out amazon, greenmetropolis,ebay before buying anything off your lists as educational books are always so expensive!

  7. The square trundle trolleys are in Home bargains for £9.99 at the moment. They also fold when not in use. Home bargains also have a pack of 210 stickers for 49p - a wide variety, suitable for primary placements. Not essential, but quite nice to have at that price!
    I have primary aged children and nit comb my hair (and theirs!) every day - just in case!
    For anyone who does use a laminator, I buy 25 pockets in a pack from the pound shop.

  8. Tesco's are currently doing laminator - 8.87, 2 lever arch files for 2.50, and 2 packs of fairly good quality printer paper for 5.00 pounds.
    Staples are doing 4 plastic wallets for 1pound and 4 postit notes packs for 1pound.
    So probably is a good time to stock up.
    Good thread by the way. I like the idea of having a thermal mugfor my tea/coffee in the mornings.
  9. I swear by my £6 bag from Primark. It's huge, like a Mary Poppins bag and you can fit everything in it..oh and ibruprofen
  10. Loving this thread.
    I went to Home Bargains on Sunday and bought three carrier bags full of stationery for about £15.
    Top bargains included Tippex mice (except they are the Radex brand, not real Tippex) for 39p each, sellotape post-it notes (the big, pink square ones) for 10p a pack, pads of good quality A4 lined paper for 49p and plastic-covered project books, 99p for A5 or £1.99 for A4. Oh and five mechanical pencils for 29p.
    I bought tons of the stuff and then remembered I was on my bicycle. Getting home was a complete nightmare, lol.
    I also popped to Tesco and picked up a few great bargains for my teaching wardrobe. I got two really smart, fully lined pencil skirts for £3 each. They come to just below the knee. One is dark grey and the other's navy and it even comes with a belt! I also bought a pretty pink cardigan for £1.70.
    This has to be my favourite part of PGCE prep so far - what a great excuse to go shopping! :)
  11. Might seem simple but ive invested in the following things so far:

    Pencil Case
    Cheap Pens (lots of them)
    Coloured Pens for marking
    Whiteboard Pens (I know the school will have them but its best to be prepared)
    Post It Notes
    Printer Paper
    Note pads
    Pack lunch box
    Water bottle
  12. oh and a fair few folders!
  13. Hi

    I have bought loads of paper, (printer and lined) 5 lever arch and 5 normal ring binders (although some of these are recycled not new) lots of subject dividers, which apparently are good for organising evidence you meet the QTS standards.
    Also poly pockets, plastic wallet things for assignments, plastic multi pocket organiser thing, post its, pens, pencils, index cards, a laminator which was a really exciting birthday present, and loads of stickers.
    For any primary people I managed to buy some really nice bargain reward stickers in WHSmiths, so it might be worth looking in there, they have loads of good deals on stationery at the moment.
    Oh and I have a rucksack big enough for 2 lever arch files and a laptop, that should do for now!

  14. I got some stationary and CGP Science revision guides as suggested in my welcome pack from WH Smith on Friday, the girl behind the till was really helpful and offered me an extra 20% off card so I saved a fiver!
  15. Gel pens

    When I was a home tutor, my students loved it when I made notes in their work using my gel pens. They were in lots of fifferent colous so we could differentiate between different notes and points and highlight the most important. I didn't realise they were so aware of my gel pens until I left and each of my students independently bought me packs of gel pens as Thank you presents!
  16. For cheap printer paper, I got two reams from Asda for £3. They are also doing special offers on other stationary so got 200 plastic wallets and 60 divider cards for £4.
    I found a good printer in Clas Ohlson (one in Manchester and I think one in London). It's like Ikea but for practical stuff rather than Furniture. It's a HP Printer/Copy/Scanner and was half price @ £17.50!

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