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tips on things to buy before starting PGCE

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bhatti00, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Fluffypinkfairy, where is the scholastic warehouse?
  2. Go to the scholastic website. They have announcements on there of when and where the warehouse sales are.
  3. I use the natural material super market type bags for excercise books. they're he oerfevt shape and they're really really strong. Not managed to break one yet, although I can't say the same for my back!
  4. try again..

    they're the perfect shape
  5. I got one of those bags from next, it's a plain cream colour with a brown handle - the best thing about it is that the handle is round and very spongey so doesn't cut into your hand!
  6. Polypockets like their going out of fashion, you'll need thousands of the things!

    Books - don't buy any until you need them and then get them from Amazon and buy the one's from last years students.

    Your own mug for the staffroom as some staffrooms are really disgusting and you'ld never want to use one of the spare mugs in case of death!

    Cheap printer paper as you always run out when you need it, and Tesco has a great offer at the moment of £45 for a HP all-in-one printer, just remember to buy compatible ink as it'll save you a fortune, the www.7dayshop.com website is reasonably priced.

    A proper teacher planner, though you can often get these off ebay. Make sure you get one that has about 8 lessons a day, just incase you end up in a school with that many lessons a day, even though this is now quite rare.

    Never needed a laminator, but then I did Secondary ICT, again you can buy cheao ones but its the laminators that can cost a small fortune so spend time shopping around I have seen 100 for less than £8.00, if you can buy in bulk with some other students as then the price per 100 goes down and you can share the cariage costs.
  7. A collapsable trolley from staples!

    I have one of those bags powercut mentions and the handles come off - it was an 'I`m not a plastic bag' bag as well :(
  8. 'Your own mug for the staffroom as some staffrooms are really disgusting and you'ld never want to use one of the spare mugs in case of death!'

    Never mind the fact that in some schools, some teachers will actually kill you if you touch their mug let alone drink out of it!
  9. *nic*

    *nic* New commenter

    thanks for some of these tips... very useful. I'm not intending to buy any books yet, I use a local library which is quite well stocked and will wait til uni starts and check out their library too. I certainly won't be buying any books new!
    not sure about a laminator now... might wait and see if i need one. I can get from Tesco anyway.
    will wait til the summer and stock up on stationery at Wilkos or somewhere cheap and cheerful!! :)

    have already got laptop, memory stick and all in one printer (lexmark though - uh-oh!!) so am sorted there.
    don't really drink tea or coffee during the day so don't need to worry about a mug!! ;-)
  10. i've found this thread really useful too.

    have started a list and am writing down all the good ideas that i come across. nearer the time then i can pick and choose what i think i actually need to do/buy
  11. I'd add a huge strong bag (teaching folders and books)!!!
  12. Yes - 99p recylable shopping bag from Sainsbury's - mine's still going strong although the inner plastic stuff is starting to come off!

  13. ive seen a lot of people use a medium sized, sturdy box for ferrying work between the classroom - boot of the car - sittig room, and back again.

    i suppose the nice thing about the reinforced shopping bags is that when not in use they take up next to no room. a box is not quite so easy to cart around!!!
  14. It's never 'not in use'!! I'll probably suffer even more with a bad back and it did squash my rings. I do look like a bag lady around school. It depends on what and how much you have to cart around. I've seen people pulling those things, but can't bring myself to!!

  15. I would spend my time mentally preparing and reading rather than buying anything.
  16. something else that came to me today was to keep eyes open for resources that would be good for decorating your classroom, assuming you pass the pgce and get an NQT placement.

    found a dr who poster that came free with a newspaper. suitable text in a speech bubble coming out of his mouth, and robert's your father's brother - one free, child friendly resource
  17. Don't go wasting money on laminators/ guillotines/ stationary until you've been into the school you'll be working at! You'll probably end up spending a fortune on stuff that you don't need.

    I would suggest these though:
    -decent bag
    -memory stick (no more than 2GB, back it up regularly!)
    -external hard drive (never trust the network!)
    -Deodorant to leave at school (invaluable for parents evenings when you're not sure if what you applied at half 6 in the morning will last til 9 at night)
    -breath mints/gum (see above)
    -Lemsip (or equivalent because you'll want it sooner or later)
    -thermos mug

    I do agree with whoever suggested decent footwear too!
  18. galanidt

    galanidt New commenter

    My most valuable resource in my PGCE year last year was a plastic folder and included 5 further plastic inserts. This was used in my placements for me to take my lesson plans, resources etc.

    I labelled each insert Lesson 1 to 5 and also stuck my teaching timetable on the inside cover of the whole folder.

    This really helped me to organise myself, especially as, although I was mainly teaching primary age children, I had to go from classroom to classroom for different lessons. Thus it had to cvarry all my belongings around with me.
  19. ikea bags - 30p and HUGE! Best thing ever

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