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Tips on becoming a 'lazy' history teacher are ....

Discussion in 'History' started by Googler, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Googler

    Googler New commenter

    I have just purchased the Lazy Teachers Handbook after spending three days of my Christmas holiday marking books, end of term tests and mock GCSE exam papers (70 of them).

    There are some really helpful tips such as;

    Get the students to read and level each others assignments. They receive feedback from five other students each with advice to improve for moderation.

    Could you add any personal, 'How to be a lazy History teacher?' - subject specific' tips?
  2. kate harvey

    kate harvey New commenter

    I love the lazy teacher's handbook! A great read and some very practical tips for avoiding burn out.
    My lazy history tips would be:
    1. To reduce homework marking, get students to read articles on the Internet and write down 3 interesting things they find out. Reduces marking and improves independent learning and research skills.
    2. Another way to reduce homework marking is to set a practical homework eg: make a castle, a tipi, a model of the globe theatre etc etc.
    3. For a revision lesson, have students write a list of ten questions which they then swop with their partner. They answer each others questions, then swop them back to be marked by their partner. Zero effort on your part!
    4. Laminate everything you make so it can be used again; card sorts, writing frames, word banks etc.
    5. Book into your ict room and do one of the fabulous on line lessons on school history.co.uk

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