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Tips for musicals

Discussion in 'Music' started by mad4music, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Hi I am working on a musical at school. Pupils do this as part of their BTEC perfroming Arts course. The singing is laways very quiet but it is a HUGE hall to fill. Anyone got any tips to make pupils sing louder sound louder. Also they find it hard to dance and sing. Soloists have mics
  2. I always tell soloists that a microphone amplifies the Performance and not the voice. A bad performance sounds worse through a mic and a weak voice sounds even less convincing when amplified. To make the microphone work the voice must bye working hard too.

    Use warm ups to increase tone slowly by singing long held notes at various pitvhes and using different vowel sounds. Lack of volume is normally down to two things, lack of technique and a lack of confidence. Singing is a very psychological activity and people often hold their voices back for fear of being heard rather than let them out. You need to trick them into opening their mouths and throats, singing with head and chest voice and taking good (not deep!!) Breaths.

    A nice trick is to get singers to adopt a voice such as "sing like an opera star" or "like a very posh person" or like its a "football chant". Another is to divide into competing groups. A third is to space the company out around the edges of the room and get to sing into the middle this changes their aura perception of the sound.

    Often I can get a group to sing one or two opening notes loud but then it fades away because they suddenly hear themselves. I take this opportunity to explain to them that they have proved they can make a big sound but they are afraid of their own voices - once they are aware of this some singers will start to overcome this fear.

    Finally I would say that talk of diagram and vocal cord is useless, also simply telling a group to simply sing louder does not yeald lasting results. Singers will make a big sound when their vocal habit is to sing with open throats and mouths supported by good breathing and when they enjoy the sound of their own voices.
  3. Thank you...its not easy when they are made to do the musical 60 year 10's
  4. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Couldn't you choose a different unit? The one you describe is not mandatory.
  5. Did I miss the point where you said which musical you are doing??
    Do you think there is a market for a couple of composed musicals with backing tracks??
    What length do they have to be?
    This is really interesting.

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