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tipping on chairs

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Herringthecat, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. primenumbers

    primenumbers New commenter

    I told one of mine to stand up on one leg for the whole lesson just like the chair has to stand on half of its legs :) The kid attempted to do it for about 2 mins then sat down and did not say anything else because all his mates were laughing at him.
  2. Have it land on your foot - then you'll see why its so annoying.
    And after telling them about 8 times a lesson to stop swinging on their chair, if they fall off, i tend to care less. They've been told, they know its annoying. They know it weakens the chairlegs.
  3. Last year I was priveliged to teach a very bright young man in my 3rd year group (I lecture in Mechanical Engineering Technology). This young man also thought there was no problem with rocking back on his chair. He had been warned severa ltimes, had been disciplined for it twice but persistred in this very dangerous habit.
    If Ofsted had observed this behaviour, I was warned, then the observation would be terninated ( with a 4) and I too would be subject to disciplinary action by my managers. It had to stop.
    To cut a long stary short it did stop. This young, bright student (top of his year, incidentaly, did fall backwards and did crack his head open and now has trouble balancing at all.
    He is now brain damaged, he is in a special need establishment and his promising career is over.
    I am glad that I did my best to stop it and even more glad that it didn't occur in one of my sessions but I'm so sad that this budding talent is now lost forever.
    Saddest of all - we will never know what he may have brought to the table of progress in this field.
  4. Not read the full thread, but in just one half term:
    1 display board entirely ruined
    The boarder of a display board perpetually pulled down
    2 chairs damaged
    1 chair entirely broken- 1 student (who wasn't even the one swinging, just sat on the broken chair) on the floor, thankfully not injured.
    Plus, lots get distracted with trying to ballance, or students in front get squabbly because they lean against their tables.
  5. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I'm so sad to read this story.
    However, thank you for taking the time to post since I will more determined than ever to stop students tipping or swining back on chairs.
    I am going to start giving them one warning then they will have to stand during the lesson until they stop.
    After reading this story, it is worth persevering. Thank you for taking the time to post.
  6. During an observation lesson yesterday I saw a boy fall off his chair lay on the floor for a bit and get straight back up and start swinging back and forth again. Apparently this is normal for him, I couldn't get to him quick enough and the teacher didn't even notice, thank goodness there was carpet.

    In my own classroom I tell the students the story about "Samantha" the girl in my A-level economics class. I tell them "you leave me no option but to tell you about SAMANTHA" they listen with interest and I tell them the story, she ended up going to hospital because she busted her head on the radiator behind her while swinging back on her chair (details are age appropriately shared), if someone swings again i say"did I ever tell you the story about Samantha" , even if it's the next day, they get it pretty quick. Really not funny if you see it first hand and they totally get that. Honestly they stop as they see its not cool to get hurt and it becomes a permanent memory for not just themselves but others-like me! I really enjoy my class and trust them, but safety=NOT NEGOTIABLE!
  7. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    The pupils who do this can't help it. You ask them politely to stop. They stop. 5 minutes later they are doing it again.

    I do sometimes make them stand or sit on the floor. They think it's huge fun for a few minutes, but soon get fed up.

    I make them sit on a chair which is already wobbly because someone else has bent the legs by tipping it.

    The best thing is to ask them to turn their chair round so that the back is against the desk. They can't tip it and it makes them think they're special.

    Works every time.

    I have kids who walk into my room and automatically turn their chair round.
  8. I love this idea. I am making a sign now for all of my classrooms.
  9. So do I. Sitting at the front of the room might be OK for youngsters but High Schoolers just make a joke of it.

    I use a hand signal with four fingers for chair rockers this stops the interruption to the flow of the class. That is therr warning and if they do it again they lose their chair. For forward rockers they get the hand signal for four on the floor and one to push the seat in.

    I have been tripped, had my foot crushed by a descending chair leg and had a child concussed when they fell backwards. It is important for a safe learning environment to set the and maintain the standard.
  10. amarantine

    amarantine New commenter

    I just find it annoying. If I'm feeling particularly cruel I threaten to swipe the chair straight out from under them with my own foot (wouldn't do it of course!) and that usually stops. Or tell them about my friend in year 7 who was swinging on her chair, tipped backwards and pulled the table on top of her. Not only did she have the indignity of lying on the floor with a table on top of her, she was also flashing her day-of-the-week pants. She is still known as "Knickers". This was 15 years ago...

    Failing that, I will say "Sit properly or you will make a right mess of x behind you. I am not dealing with years of traumatised x AND the paperwork I'll have to fill in. Plus, it'll be your fault anyway so we won't even compensate you..."

    Generally works.
  11. Have you ever seen a foot broken by a child's chair leg landing on it? Wearing sandals in the classroom is a risky business and quite terrifying after seeing my colleague's foot!
  12. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    Yes, it's to make sure that they don't fall back and smash their skulls like piñatas. Surely that's a given? As it happens I have seen a kid seriously injure themselves by falling backwards. I would have thought it was a given that you wouldn't want a child in an uncontrolled fall, head first towards the ground, with no way to prevent impact. But that's just me.

    Please keep them safe. It's our Prime Directive.


    Read more from Tom on his blog here.

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