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Timing problem - please help!

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by davi_theuk, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. davi_theuk

    davi_theuk New commenter

    Thank you so much, guys! I will try what you suggested. :)
    I also thought I
    could ask my son to walk in when the time is over and to say "I am
    hungry", then I can say "Oh, sorry, I need to feed my child now, well,
    the time is over anyway".
  2. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Have to admit I have always gone 'overtime' unless there was a particular reason I couldn't, eg when the bell rang in schools! Think a lot of teachers are like that, my husband always tells me off. I'm thinking of doing private tutoring as a business so will have to think about the ideas suggested.
    I wouldn't have a child come in though, as he might find it unprofessional. Up to you,but if he says to other prospective clients, 'her kid came in while she was explaining omething to me and she went off', without admitting it was 'overtime' it could look bad.
  3. davi_theuk

    davi_theuk New commenter

    hhhhh, I see your point, but does it look great when his time was over 40 min ago and he pretends it is completely normal?
    Also, my child has two private tutors (music and art), they both count each minute, and I have no problem with that. If I wanted a longer lesson or if my child wanted to practise extra, I would ask if he could stay for longer and would pay for it. Am I wierd then?
    My boyfriend told me off about it as well, he said he couldn't understand why I can't just say "we ran out of time".
  4. One thing that might help a bit is what a girl I used to work with had got into the habit of doing (she was over here for a gap year/working holiday type dealie). She'd started keeping a notebook of things like idioms and slang that she didn't quite understand and when she could find a friendly native with a few minutes to spare - she'd ask them to help her with several bits off the list, note down the answers so she had them for future reference and then you'd find them appearing in her own conversations with you later on.
    Perhaps if he got into a similar habit you could block aside part of the session to deal with these during the lesson (and get away nearer time in future)?
    Otherwise when I'm about to get drawn into something lengthy I've been known to say "sorry, I really have to dash - I've got my mum ringing at Xpm" ...or similar type of appointment dealie.
  5. What I do is tell them something like "... and that is one hour, would you like to do 1 hour and a half?"
    Really, I don´t see the problem in that and why would you prefer to pretend something like a phone call.
    Also, if it is an adult and he prefers to spend half the lesson talking about culture and traditions I don´t see why not, is not like they have to finish homework no?

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