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Discussion in 'Independent' started by sadoldbag, May 12, 2011.

  1. Sorry you are finding it tough and not enjoying it. Having done the job, I am aware it is time consuming and challenging. You might find year 2 easier than year 1. I did it in a day school and tended to work 8am to midnight 5 days a week, and most of Saturdays.
    Suggest you line manage your assitant timetabler to get the post more effective and have them do more. I did the timetable with someone else and bless him he did all the data input and mechanics and I did the interesting bits of creativity and had all the hard conversations he didn't want to have with the HoDs who didn't get what they want. If your assisant is unwilling or incapable then it can be disciplinary or capabilty if they can not or will not respond to your needs, but in many cases a person will step aside if the heat is on, in this kind of situation. I appreciate that is easier to say than do, but it can be done, honestly!
    I taught half a timetable, kept all the staff on board, deputised for a head who was out of school for the best part of a year one year and worked less hard as a Head than as a DoS, actually. But I loved it as I liked being able to effect delivery of the most creative and satisfactory timetable which enhanced pupil learning as it worked. When you see your school in September living your construct and watch it be effective you might see an up-side.
    Good luck and remember that it is currently early May which is the month all timetablers jump off bridges, or at least consider it. It is the hardest time of the year and in early-mid June it looks and feels different. I think.

    Take care,

  2. Guthrum

    Guthrum New commenter

    Thanks SOBL

    I know it will be easier in my second year - things always are - and I have approached my HM about the asst timetabler so he is aware of the issues. I will look to review my job spec in September and ask for a 'Head of Timetable' post to take the data away from me so I can innovate more.
    Did I mention I have two infant children who don't sleep and wake up at 5.30...?
    There we are - it's what I signed up for!
    Thanks again


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