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Timetabling in Primary School

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by catemoo, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hi, I'm an Assistant Head in a Primary school (Yr R to Yr 6 - 2 form entry) and our SLT is meeting this hols to rethink our daily timetabling to maximise the learning time in our day. We are trying to work out where best to put our breaks and assembly. Do any of you have your timetables you can share with us? What works best for you and how do you arrange teacher/LSA breaks? Thanks for your help.
  2. Many years ago we took the approach of looking at what we thought appropriate for lesson lengths, depending on Key Stage and subject etc. Basically, starting from scratch.
    We had regard to a QCA booklet called Designing and Timetabling the Primary Curriculum (2002) which gave suggested times for subjects so we had a guide to ensure coverage.
    Then we fitted in breaks and assembly time; 15 mins each.
    We are only a small school so it was not too hard. We are now re-visiting th ewhole thing to make sure it is still workable.
    Not too sure what you mean by teacher/LSA breaks. Childrens playtimes are Directed Time, lunchtime is the only unpaid time for staff. We have a straightforward rota for staff to supervise playtimes. Usually 1 teacher and 1 LSA on morning playtime. EYFS and KS staff sort themselves out for the PM playtime.
    It works for us.
  3. We have three 1hour sessions in the morning and two one hour sessions in the afternoon. After session 1 (at 10) KS1 have their fruit and usually do PE, Music etc for session 2 (until 11am). Then it's break 11:00-11:15 then session 3 until lunch (12:15-1:15pm). In the pm we have a break at 2:30-2:45 and assembly straight after which leaves 20 mins for odds and ends at the end of the day. Apart from daily literacy and numeracy sessions we don't have fixed time allocations for the other subjects but termly allocations instead. This means we may do no history for 2-3 weeks and then spend three consecutive afternoons on it. Standards (in foundation subjects as well as the core) have shot up. And I've neve found an OFSTED team yet who get upset by not having set slots for every subject. However, I've seen lots of schools fall down by trying to cover everything in a very tokenistic way.
  4. Sorry, but I can't see the 2 x 1hr sessions in PM, if you have break followed by assembly etc starting at 2:30.
  5. Apologies - I meant 2 hours teaching time in total in the pm. You still get a good long pm session even with assembly and it beats wasting prime am learning time on this.
  6. 8.45- 9.00 Phonics/' Morning work'
    9.00-10.00 Session 1
    10.00-10.15 Assembly
    10.15-10.30 Playtime.
    10.30-11.30 Session 2
    11.30-12.05 Session 3 ( or equal timing)
    12.55-1.55 Session 4
    1.55-3.00 Session 5
    Adjusted KS1/2 to incorporate pm play for KS1
  7. Bumping this up as I've posted in Primary but later found this post...I am hoping someone can help me.
    Are the timings for foundation subjects statutory? Some of the posts I have seen imply not. Is there a document that says this one way or another categorically and without any doubt?
    I've tried the usual government websites but haven't found anything concrete.

    trying to bring guided reading out of our literacy lessons (long story)
    but it's difficult marrying this up with fitting the rest of the
    curriculum in! We don't do a creative curriculum so can't say that
    History is always taught through English for example.
    Information would be gratefully received!
  8. zugthebug

    zugthebug New commenter

    No statutory timings only recommendations, if you are a church school you need to check your diocesan requirements for RE, mine is 1 hr 15mins average a week
  9. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

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