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Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by Caymem, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Caymem

    Caymem New commenter

    Do you currently have any timetable problems for September? If so how are you going to sort them.

    The department I work in has timetable problems. The problems is that we don't have enough staff on the department currently. We have a supply teacher and a TA doing some teaching on the department currently but this is not ideal. We only have a supply teacher and TA doing teaching on the department as we don't have enough staff and because we have two part time members of staff which work on the same days, which is not helpfull either.

    To sort out the timetable problems she'll I redo the timetable giving other teachers more lessons so the cover teacher and TA doesn't have to cover in our department or she'll I request we get a new teacher to cover for the TA and supply teacher or she'll I even ask the two part time teachers if they can work together over the week to cover the problems we have.

    If i can't sort this problem then I may need to take on some more lessons my self which I can't do as I dont have anymore teaching time left.

    Any suggestions to my problem will be greatful taken into consideration as I don't have very long to sort this problem.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  2. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Are your teachers on STPC? How much directed time do they have over the year? Why are you differentiating the supply teacher with the TA, they are a teacher? How long is the supply's contract for? Are the pt teachers on a fraction contract?
  3. Caymem

    Caymem New commenter

    I think they are on STPC but need to check this to make sure. Do u mean how much teaching do they do over the year. I have nothing over TAs and supply teachers but think the classes would rather a permanent tesher don't you or not? The supply teachers are permenant to the school as they are internal supply teachers. They supply teacher is not on a fraction contract but one can only work 2-3 days and the other can only work 3 days a week if they would work together to help cover over the week then it would make life easier for me as I wouldn't have other lessons that needs covering.
  4. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    How many hours has each teacher got allocated over the year?

    What is the supply teachers speciality? Are they no good at maths/Computing teaching (you are head of both based on other posts)? What the classes may prefer though,is second to what the classes need.

    If the pt are not on a fraction but on fixed days then you can't make them work different days. Try moving the student timetable around. What has your SLT said about it?
  5. Caymem

    Caymem New commenter

    The teachers get 40/50 hours over 2 weeks.

    The supply teacher we have currently for September her speciality is in science not maths or computing.

    The part time staff are on fixed days to what they can do, I can see if any are capable of changing there days but don't think they are. I will see if moving students timetables will work but probably won't.

    The SLT has asked me to come up with some ideas and solutions and they will see if it is possible for those to be put in place if not then they will help me come up with some new solutions which could work.

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