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Discussion in 'Primary' started by NearlyMaryPoppins, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I was wondering what information you put on your timetables. We are being asked to be more specific about what we are actually teaching - for example in literacy writing whether we are doing speaking and listening or extended writing. I cannot see how we can work this as it changed week by week depending upon the unit and the children's learning. Do we have to do this or not it seems that they should look at the weekly plans if they need this type of information rather than me altering my timetable every week. I was just wondering that's all.
  2. At my school we simply put the subject area on our timetables so Literacy, Maths, guided reading etc. We don't have to be more specific than that.
  3. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Crikey, I rarely stick to my timetable, let alone know what I'm going to be doing in any session! Explain that, as you continuously assess the outcomes of every lesson, you don't know until the end of one what you will need to cover in the next so it's impossible to timetable[​IMG]
  4. Who is the timetable for? I am required to submit one weekly to the SMT as a forecast for the following week. It has to have the subject and the learning objective for the week on it.
  5. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    In this, my final placement, weekly ones are completed. As a student doing 80% teaching it also has my areas in orange, the teacher in pink and the TA in blue for PPA time. It gets sent to the head every week. It isn't as tiresome as it sounds though as you have a proforma on the computer that you just change to Maths - fractions from Maths - division. It still tends to deviate depending on what is happening. For example the week before we broke up it was supposed to be ICT and Music before break but morning assembly ran over so no time for Music. Timetable was left the same though.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    My weekly timetable has a basic idea of what is being covered as well as the subject. So it might say, as the previous poster said, Maths-Practical Division, Maths-Chunking, etc. Literacy might say Literacy-Storytelling, Literacy-Storymapping/stepping, Literacy-planning report and so on. For foundation subjects it is a bit broader. PE-Gym, PE-Games, Topic-Morocco and so on. For the PPA cover I just put whatever the subject is as I don't teach it.

    I have the same basic outline and just change the specifics each week. It gets blu-tacked on the whiteboard at the front on a Monday and the children like to look at it (year 6) and see what is coming up. Yes of course it is subject to change, but generally I know the week before what is going on. I also put in a different colour any time they have a different teacher, so they know that is coming up as well.
    We don't hand ours in though.
  7. so you have to do a new timetable every week ?
  8. My planning has all the information that I am going to teach and I feel that I am being asked to repeat information that is readily available, surely its a waste of time.
  9. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Not really a few edits is all. The basic outline doesn't generally change much from week to week. But yes there is a new one up every week. It is what we do in year 6 anyway. Year 5 (don't ask!) put the LOs and textbook page numbers on theirs and call it a weekly plan and do no other planning. FS do what we do in year 6. No idea about the in-between years.
  10. We do a new one every week as it does suffice as a short term plan in our school. Every class does it and it is submitted to the SMT.
    It is there in case anyone is away and whoever steps in to cover needs to know where we are up to in our plans and what we had intended to teach that week. I don't always keep up to where it is expected we should be depending on whether we are ahead or behind compared to week whatever in our medium term plans.
    I have got used to doing it and find it useful. I prepare it in my planning meeting and then use it to check off all the resources I need to prepare in my ppa time. It reminds me what I intended to do, gives me a quick check to remind me of the objective to put on the board and lets those who work in my class with me, or who need to pop in and out and borrow children for catch up etc know what type of thing I should be doing. Of course there are often times that I swap things about or don't get around to something.
  11. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Well Don't!
    I do plan, rather thoroughly as it happens, I have a long term plan, a medium term plan, weekly plans and daily plans for maths and English. But I also believe in flexibility, both in what I teach when and in reacting to the needs of the children, if they need to spend more time on an element, or progress further or we want to look in more depth at a particular point or topic, then I will do that rather than stick to plans or timetables just because they have been written down for someone else to look at. If the sun is shining, I will swap PE and music round to take advantage of it, if something happens on the news, we will down tools and discuss it. I still manage to get through everything I plan ( and more!) but I do it when I want and how I want, not to fit in with a timetable!
  12. I completely agree. As an NQT who trained last year, the emphasis was all on your ability to be flexible and run with your children's needs rather than follow a timetable.

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