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times tables

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by sulas, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any ideahow to make times tables interesting? I have ayear 4 class and their tables are terrible but i am getting so bored with the same old same old repetition.
    Desperately seeking some inspiration before i go completely mad!
  2. There are some games here.


    FOR EVALUATION ONLY written across them so you'd need to get your school to cough up some money.

    I also have something I wrote myself which gives the child an average time per question. They seem to like to try to improve their times.

    PM me an email address if you would like to have a look at it. I'll have to remove my advertising from it though. :)
  3. Colleen_Young

    Colleen_Young Occasional commenter

  4. We do tables every Friday. I use Trinity's Olympic tables challenge which I have added a few extra levels. It is timed (2 or 3 mins) and they love it.
    They also do tables practise through the week - tables practise sent home for them to complete with strict instructions that they are not allowed to spend more than 3 minutes on it. They all come back to school with the time that they took.
    Also use things like step into tables photocopiable sheets and Tarquin tables puzzles.
    Also BBC skillswise tables test is good. Can they beat last week's time as a class?
    Fizz buzz can be good at the end of a lesson.
    If you want tables games just google times tables games and loads come up. My Year 4 class prefer the written timed tests though.
  5. Try the Turn Tables card games. I saw them in use in a year 4 class last week and were great. They can be used in pairs and in small groups. Go to www.multisensorymatters.com. I have got them for my own children.
  6. Mangahigh recently launched a Times Tables game called Sundae Times, which is proving to be hugely popular, particularly in primary schools:


    Students answer questions in order to construct the biggest and most impressive ice cream sundae possible. And there is also a multiplayer option, allowing them to test themselves against other students around the World.

    If you do try it, then please post your students' response here!

    p.s. like everything else on Mangahigh, it is completely free to schools!
  7. Thank you so much to everyone who has given me ideas. I wil definitely be trying out some of these in my lessons next half term.
  8. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    Mangahigh looks great but can I suggest an improvement?
    Currently, you can only play multiplayer if you are really poor at tables (up to 5x5) or extremely proficient (up to 15x15). Can you add a level for average kids?
  9. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    Can anyone provide a direct link for this?
    Using the TES search or even Google comes up with nothing.
  10. DM

    DM New commenter

  11. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    These songs are fab - the kids love it!!!
    We also have a weekly x table challenge
    Year 1 - 2,5,10s mixed on a grid
    Year 2 2,5,10,4,8 mixed on a grid
    Year 4,5 all x tables mixed up
    They all have 2 min to do as much as they can
    Year 5,6 all x tables mixed up but have 1 min
    The aim is to improve there score by 1 each week. Once they comlpete the sheet the aim is to reduce the time by 1 sec each week
    At the end of each half term we give out certificates for the most improved each half term. This allows all children to achieve. I make it very clear that it does no matter if you only know 1, that is fine as long as next week you know 2 etc.

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