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Times Table Mountain

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lo77ee, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Does anyone use these to teach tables in their classroom? I have built one but would appreciate some information on the best way to do the different stages...for a Year 3 class?!!!

    I cant find any information at all on the internet or even any displayed examples!!!

    Any ideas as to how this is best managed as well in class would be great!!

    Thanks very much in advance:)
  2. Hi
    I don't have an answer I am afraid but as I have never heard of this (eek) I am interested to see if anyone replies or how you do this! I have googled it and all I can find is the interactive mountain math game which I have used but building an actual mountain sounds fun and a useful tool.
    Fingers x'd someone knows!
  3. Hey our school uses x table rockets throughout the school (similar thing I think). Each section is a didifferent x table starting with 10s then 5s, 2s ,3s 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s. The children are tested in different ways throughout the school I have worked with yr 3 and have tested them orally, some children prefer to do on their own others are confident to do it in front of the class. The children move up the rocket when they know the table at speed in any order.
    The other teacher in yr3 however did the tables in order first so they could just re-call 10,20.30 etc and move up the rocket and then once they have reached the 9s they start again at the 10s quick re-call in any order. Might try this method this year. Hope this is of some help, quite hard to explain.
  4. I understand now. I thought OP was talking about some sort of xtables game using a mountainesque resource.
    I do similar to rockets except my children have their names in feet and they climb they times table ladder as they learn each new times table- they must know it in any order plus inverse. (Yr5)

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