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Time to bow out?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by adeleparks, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. I'm in a very similar situation to you!
    Theoretically, what would happen if I were to develop a mysterious illness for the next week...?
  2. I'm going to try to negotiate early release next week. Have had some positive chats with the union rep, other staff and the deputy head.
  3. goatherd

    goatherd New commenter

    I have taken early release and finished today.
    I feel so liberated, even though I don't have anythingn to go to and a family to support.
    I know I want to finish my NQT, but it would not be possible there - need a fresh start.
    If you are going to get early release you need to hurry as there is little time left - and early release means you HAVE to finish before the term ends.

  4. I am starting to realise I have very little choice, after speaking to my induction tutor and union rep today.
    If I stay, the head will make sure I fail.
    Even if I make progress and my induction tutor and mentor are satisfied I'm good enough to scrape through, the head will still fail me, and he will not let me have early release in July.
  5. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    I think you are right. From what you say, the school do not want you to stay and have evidence that you are not on track to meet the standards. Presumably, they do not think you would pass with an extension because they want you to go. It's impossible for anyone to say that you are not cut out for teaching, or that the school has let you down. Only you and the school know the full story and even then, it does seem that you see some things differently. But even if the school are correct and you are not good enough, it doesn't mean that you can't be a good teacher. In a different school with a fresh start, you may find that you can manage classes and teach effectively.
    While I sympathise with you for not wanting to be pushed, it would be better to leave the school with a smile and good relationships maintained. Once you get to May half term, you'll be in better position to find another post because you won't be competing aggainst teachers in post. You have experience that may give you an edge over new NQTs, especially in short term contracts, so it's best to leave on good terms.
  6. cheers

    not really - my induction tutor sees it exactly the same way as I do, but the head wants rid

    i guess so. but anyway, if a head teacher doesn't like an NQT who is a bit borderline, and I clearly am, they can find whatever evidence they like - he can keep dropping into my lessons until he sees a disengaged pupil when he can give me a 4.....and that wouldn't take long i admit.

    its just the ruthless nature of the head's ultimatum that has left me reeling i guess
  7. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    From what I've seen in secondary wih NQTs, it's really difficult to fail someone. I've only ever seen it happen once and that was because parents had complained and it had gone to the governors so the head couldn't keep the NQT concerned.
    From everything you've said, it sounds as if there are problems with your classes and while the school may have handled it badly, they are offering a solution that limits the damage to their students and giving you a chance to complete induction successfully. It is good that your induction tutor is supportive but, if I remember correctly, your union rep is advising you to accept the head's offer.
    I think the head has been 'ruthless' because you have been determined to stay against advice. It's a horrible situation but it's clearly not the right school for you and negotiating a fair reference would seem to be your priority now.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    There is another alternative if you want to have 2 Induction terms 'banked' and leave 'early' if it looks as though Term 3 will be a fail.
    You hand in your notice by 31st May to leave at 31st August.
    You carry on and go on stress leave in Term 3, making sure that you'd have at least 30 school days missing from term 3 (or over your entire Induction year). That way they wouldn't be able to come to a verdict on your third term and you'd leave their employment on 31st August with only 2 Induction terms in the bag.
    You could come off sick leave at the end of July or into August so that you'd reduce the official tally of of sick days on your record and you'd be fully paid to the end of August.
    Register for supply with LAs and agencies over the summer and look out for a temp post to complete Induction (maternity leave etc).
    It's disgraceful that they're threatening to fail you even if you show evidence of meeting the standards.
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    With 30+ days missing from Induction, you'd normally have to serve that amount of days in the following school term (at the same school) but you'd already have resigned to leave at the end of the school year andTerm 3 of Induction would be null and void. You'd start it again elsewhere.
  10. Thanks Jubilee,
    Yes - I've considered that. However I don't want 30 days of sickness for stress on my record, and I think if I stay into term 3 it'll be a horrible, stressful, hostile environment, AND at the moment they're saying they'll do their best to give me an OK reference - I think that'll go out of the window if I don't leave.

    They're not saying they will fail me even if I meet the standards AS SUCH - just that the induction tutor thinks 'you might just about scrape through', whereas the head is saying i definitely won't, and his opinion of me is such that i'd have to do something pretty spectacular to sway him. and he could come in to any lesson at any time and declare it inadequate if there were students off task which there probably would be...union man reckons if i taught a lesson that 100 people would observe and grade as a 3, my head or deputy head would come in and give it a 4...not necessarily even deliberately, but because they are looking for negatives rather than positives.

    Thanks for all the help on here. I'm kind of resigned to it now, just wondering whether I'll actually be able to go in and teach tomorrow.
  11. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    The other problem is that even in good classes, you'll get 'off task ' students as next term goes on and the end of the year gets closer. Have you considered contacting the subject adviser for your LA (if you still have one)? They often know about upcoming maternity covers and the like before they are advertised. I do hope you find a better school for September.
  12. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    You need to act fast.
    1) Write down everything that your mentor, head of department and HT have said, with dates and details of the circumstances in which it was said. E.g. 'word of mouth', 'formal meeting', 'in passing in the corridor'.
    2) Call your area union rep tomorrow, first chance you get and tell them everything. NOTE: bypass your school rep completely, they can't do anything in this situation.
    3) Ask your area rep to arrange a meeting with your HT in which the HT is asked to explain:
    • Exactly why they feel you won't pass induction;
    • How they can tell this with over a term to go, and what evidence they have to support this;
    • Why he has said that you will not be allowed to negotiate your notice period should you appear to be not meeting standards;
    • Why he does not wish to do what is normal and allow you to extend your induction period into September (ie. why is he determined that you leave the school, rather than support you?);
    • Why he is suggesting you leave rather than putting the support in place to help you make better progress.
    To be honest, from everything you've said, it does sound as though you'll be better off leaving a finding a post in a more supportive and nurturing school. However, there is the question of how you support yourself in the meantime. NQT posts are not as widely available as they used to be and it may take time to find another post. You can do supply, but if youhave regular fixed outgoings (mortgage, car etc) then that leaves you vulnerable. Moreover, you've got to think about things such as your pension and student loan repayments; having a break in either could leave you financially worse off.
    In short, your HT needs to give you a cast iron explanation as to why you are better off leaving, despite the existence of evidence that proves you have the potential to become a good teacher (satisfactory lesson obs, pupils making progress etc).

    Best of luck
    Eva x x x
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    It is not normal to be able to extend the Induction period. the NQT has no say in that and the school/HT can't action it either. An LA might if there are extenuating circumstances. Not meeting the standards in time is not a reason for getting an extension or Failing an Induction in the usual one year period would become obsolete and NQTs wouldn't be helped to leave the school before a Fail could be registered.
    You will not be finacialy worse off through breaks in repaying the student loan. In fact you could get back overpaid SLC repayments if you had a gap in employment and either didn't earn £15k in the tax year or paid more than 9% of your earnings over £15k.
    As an NQT, you shouldn't have made an SLC repayments between Sept and the end of MARCH 2011, unless you had other earnings betwen April 2010 and starting your NQT post in Sept. SLC repayments will kick in with your end- of April pay.

  14. Thanks all!
    It's definitely time for me to go. I'm glad I hung on as long as I did because if I'd left a few weeks ago when they first told me to I would always have wondered whether it was the right thing. Now I know that I never really had much choice. If I stay I will fail.

    There is quite a big silver lining in all this because if I'm honest, I don't enjoy the job anyway.

    Obviously being unemployed is going to be a nightmare financially, but over the past 2 days I have made a list of all the things I'm going to have time to do when I leave and it's looking quite appealing!
  15. It is indeed. Well spotted.

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