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time saving tips

Discussion in 'Primary' started by deleted323, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. I've also heard been recommended to mark 1 group per day. Do you just mean on Mon you mark group 1 work for that day? Tues you mark group 2 work for that day? When I've tried it, I've ended up marking previous work also and found it also took forever, which then put me off doing it!
  2. This thread is excellent. I'm an NQT and think all these ideas are really good. I will definitely be implementing some of them in my class especially those about marking and the giving out of whiteboards.
  3. The new national curriculum is going to be placing more emphasis on this kind of assessment, marking books is pointless unless you give verbal feedback anyway especially in KS1 where they are less able to read it.

    Formative assessment means to give feedback in a way the child can understand so they can then act upon it.


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