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Time Savers for busy mums

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jodidi, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. Marry a man who is willing to cook every night.
    Don't iron - buy clothes that don't need it (or just go out creased [​IMG])

  2. I totally agree! Oh and the tumble drier is the best thing I've bought :)
  3. 1. Do your weekly shop online.
  4. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Cook up batches of food, and freeze in ice-cube trays. I started when Cariadlet was a baby, and even now that she's 8 it still works - I just need to get out more cubes of food, and add more pasta than when she was a baby or toddler.
    It's brilliant when you get in, they need feeding quickly, and the adults are eating later in the evening.
  5. Iron one side only, have patterns on floor coverings - see less dirt, blinds on windows. only wash things when they are dirty. Don't be too concerned about eating some convenience food, if someone asks if they can help - show them your ironing basket or dusters and ask if you can come to theirs for tea. Don't be embarrassed about asking for help/accepting lifts, letting other people run about for you for a wee while anyway!
  6. Get a sodding cleaner- I certainly will be when I go back after my second baby, whether OH likes it or not! (Grr! ;-)) I will also be paying someone to do the ironing. If it means slightly less money for treats and days out then so be it for calm, peace of mind, and the knowledge that the time I do have will be spent with the babies when they are awake (school work when they sleep)
    I have cream carpets and a massive house to keep clean and I'm not going to be a slummy mummy!
  7. MLT


    I had a cleaner, decided I should get rid of her as I would be at home and now she will be back this week! Who was I kidding?
    Agree to shopping weekly, however this morning i'm off to Asda because I'm still working on this organisation thing.
    Another good tip I got a few days ago, (probably off this site) was create a 4 week meal planner. I've started on a two week one, as I really couldn't think of what I could cook!!! This should mean I can now shop online.
    Oh and my OH loves hovering and will eat anything without comment unless burnt or is chicken. I'm beingning to see this as a God send:)
    Keep them coming ladies.
  8. zeps

    zeps New commenter

    My best given advice (from ante natel classes) was get a cordless phone. It was typical that as soon as you sat down to b/f baby it would ring.
    Now with 2 kids on the run in our house, the cordless is invaluable when cooking / kids mealtimes and especially bathtimes so they aren't left alone.
    I know an answering machine can pick them up but sometimes it is nice to have a multi-tasking adult chat too or making sure extended family are ok.
    A cleaner is a true luxury. Our neighbour doesn't work and has 2 kids of primary age and she has a cleaner. She does suffer back problems though. Jealous, moi?
  9. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    From my 6 months' experience of motherhood (though not back at work yet)-
    1. No ironing. I don't iron bedlinen, my clothes, LO's clothes... hubby irons his work shirts, that's it.
    2. Batch cooking of baby food is a timesaver but it's soul-destroying when LO won't eat it!
    3. Get your and LO's clothes out for the next day in the evening if you have an early (ie before 11am) start planned. Ditto changing bag.
    4. I do one or two cleaning jobs a day if I can, eg quick dust = 10 mins, hoover downstairs = 10 mins, plus a load of laundry. Stops it from mounting up and I give myself gold stars mentally for each job done (yes I am mad).
    5. OH has to cook every night, (I do all the cleaning), otherwise he would have to do bedtime. Luckily he likes to cook and is better at it than me!
    6. Tidy as you go... men don't get this but it saves having to do a big tidy-up at the end of the day.
    People with cleaners- can we swap lives please? What bliss!
  10. Kittens, are you me??!!
  11. People with men who do stuff round the house, can we swap please?!
  12. LOL! Sorry kittenmittens but an early start for me and other working mums is before 7 am.
    (I'm just jealous! [​IMG] Maternity leave is heaven- enjoy it! x)
  13. Hmmm yes I have rather a lot of Annabel Karmel's cheesy fish in the freezer that LO isn't keen on...anyone want it?!
  14. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Ha, we're on 5 bottles and 3 meals a day at the moment so getting out after the first bottle and breakfast is an achievement - hopefully it'll get easier! I'm going back in Sept 2 days a week and will be leaving the house at 7.30 am then, will be a challenge methinks [​IMG]
  15. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I went back on 0.5 and had to leave just before 7:30, but i used to just get my son up about 7:10, get him dressed and leave and he'd have his breakfast/bottle at the childminder's.
    I'd love to have a cleaner and might do when i go back after this maternity leave as i don't think i'll have the energy with 2 young kids at home plus a husband who works shifts.
    Batch freezing meals is great. I can't possibly cook at the moment when my husband is on late shift with a small baby and a toddler running about so i freeze loads of meals for my son.
    I agree about the tumble dryer - best thing ever! Same with ironing - i just don't do it! My husband irons his shirts for work.
    When I was at work i used to get mine and my son's clothes ready the night before and pack our bags, get lunch ready etc.
  16. Oh I remember those days well! [​IMG] And just as you think you're ready, there's a poop incident.... (actually that still sometimes happens now, haha!)
    Re: time saving, I'm starting to worry that we need more wholesome food like meat and veg stews etc, rather than quick stuff (we live on pasta- we all love it but I'm worried that soon LO won't eat anytihng else!!) So.... tell me about the slow cooker. Do you literally just bung everything in and switch it on? Or do you need to brown meat etc? If all you do is shove stuff in I might be able to push myself to do it the night before and switch it on first thing!
    Do any mummies who teach full time like me have a menu that they roll out and stick to? Mumsnet recommends making a 4 week menu but I think we're a little too impulsive for that and would get bored... hmmmm
    I also get bags and clothes ready the night before, as well as putting out all the breakfast stuff (even down to the teabag, sugar and spoon in the cup, haha!)
  17. Buy your 5 bottles of wine on a Sunday, saves going out and getting it at 4 every day.... ;-) I jest, of couse.
  18. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Clematis- you can (should?) brown the meat to keep it in chunks but I've done it without and it's been fine. Re freezing purées- do you need to defrost them or can you put them straight into a pan and warm through? Is it different for just veg? Have bought some butternut squash today as everyone keeps telling me that's what babies like! Am hoping to freeze some before starting to wean next week. Am hoping to do a mixture of blw and purée. I have a cleaner even on mat leave. She charges £6:50 ph and she comes once a week for 2 hours. It's well worth the money and it means we have to tidy up properly on a Monday night before she comes on a Tuesday!
  19. I am really tempted by the whole meal planning thing. 4 weeks sounds a bit long to me. I'm toying with a 2 week planner. And one night is takeaway night!

    I never iron. Anything of mine that needs it is always at the bottom of the laundry basket. And then I wonder where it's gone to.

  20. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    PM, defrosting purees- I take out a cube of whatever LO will be eating for lunch the night before and put it in a microwave proof pot in the fridge, then heat in the microwave until piping hot, then serve once cooled. It seems like a right hassle at the start but is getting easier now I'm more organised. My HV also said you can take a frozen veg puree out with you in apot in the morning if you're out for the day and let it defrost then serve at room temp. Not suitable for meat though.

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