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Time off to look after sick children

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by geologyrocks, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I feel so guilty, I have had to take three days off in the last week to look after my sick family. My school are understanding to a degree, but I just feel torn and worn out.
    My husband has been ill, my 10 month old has been ill and now my 4 year old is ill. It is looking like my 4 year old has flu. Apart from feeling absolutly worn out I am now feeling really guilty about the time I am taking today (and probably more time this week). I am not lucky enough to have any family that can support me and school always say can your family not look after them.
    Has anyone else had to go through this as I am worried school are going to go mad at me.
    Thanks for any support you can offer to make me feel a bit better.

  2. slingshotsally

    slingshotsally Star commenter

    Hi Geo,


    This happened to me as well.
    Your school will not go mad at you at all- many of your colleagues may have children themselves and so understand when things go pear-shaped.
    The only thing you should be concerned about is your young family- It is the SMT's and HT's job to take care of the class cover.
    With my situation - the pressure didn't get any less. Bearing in mind that I have worked here over 5 years, no-one asks me how I am feeling, SMT don't ask me how I am managing they have no interest at all.
    If my colleagues can't care for me then I have realised that worrying myself sick over what they may or may not think is a futile waste of my time.
    I just do what I must and I only worry for my son's health now.
    Take care

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for your reply.
    My 4 year old has had stays in hospital as a baby due to breathing difficults when he gets cold / flu. It was a lot worse when he was a baby than it is now. So you can imagine my reluctance to let people look after him. Fortunatly he now responds to a inhaler ans spacer really well, but we have to give him that as soon as we notice. Also he cannot take ibuprofen to control his temp once his breathing goes, which makes it a double whammy. I often put it down to him being premature.
    None of the SMT ever ask how I am or how my children are.
    You are so right, I should just care about my children and not waste the energy on worrying about school.
    Thanks again

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