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Time off for son to have operation

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by jcp501, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. jcp501

    jcp501 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I’m just looking for some advice. My son (15 months) is due to have an operation in the near future. He would be in hospital for about a week to recover. I was wondering what would be available to me in terms of requesting time off? Will I be able to get this time?

    Any one been in a similar situation or have any advice?

    Thank you
  2. border_walker

    border_walker Lead commenter

    really only your school can answer this.
  3. bonxie

    bonxie Senior commenter

    You'll need to look at the terms of your contract. Your union may be able to give you advice. Depending on where in the UK you live, unpaid leave of up to 18 weeks can be granted to parents looking after a sick child under 5 years old.
  4. Sundaytrekker

    Sundaytrekker Star commenter

    Your school may give you a small amount of paid compassionate leave, perhaps a couple of days at the headteacher’s discretion. Your best course of action might be to apply for a week or two of unpaid parental leave which was designed to help with this sort of circumstance. If you have a partner or relative who is not a teacher and could use a few days of annual leave once the operation is over then this would reduce your loss of income.
  5. catbefriender

    catbefriender Lead commenter

    You could always ring your local council and ask to speak to the duty social worker who would be a legal expert on these types of things. Fundamentally, as a parent you are responsible for the well being of the child, and if anybody attempts to inform you otherwise, there is always a duty social worker in your local authority's social services department, in love with their own voice to stick up for your parental rights.

    I hope your beautiful baby gets well soon.
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    The rules on emergency leave seem reasonably clear. See https://www.gov.uk/time-off-for-dependants, which I think says that you are not entitled to it when it is expected. What you can claim is parental leave, See https://www.gov.uk/parental-leave. It has to be taken in units of a week, and is not paid.

    Of course, your employer could be more generous, and some would be, but I can't answer for your school. You can only ask.

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