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Time off for IVF?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by LittleMissCurious, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. OH and I have just been referred for ICSI/IVF. The consultant we saw said I'd need to be attending at least everyother day, perhaps daily, during the stimming phase of the treatment.
    How have others coped with this and full time teaching? Did you tell your HT what was going on? How did you manage to get time off for all the appointments?
  2. OH and I have just been referred for ICSI/IVF. The consultant we saw said I'd need to be attending at least everyother day, perhaps daily, during the stimming phase of the treatment.
    How have others coped with this and full time teaching? Did you tell your HT what was going on? How did you manage to get time off for all the appointments?
  3. Personally I chose to tell my headteacher who was very supportive. I found it a lot easier than trying to explain the time off in other ways and also why I was emotionally up and down. You do not have to tell your HT though if you do not wish.

    You are entitled to time off for the appointments, but not necessarily paid. This is the HT's decision.

    The first time I had IVF + ICSI (unsuccessful) I carried on teaching around the appointments and it was ok. The second time (successful) I went to see my GP and he signed me off work for 2 weeks while I had the main part of the treatment. He put anxiety as the reason on my sicknote (his decision). If he had put for IVF treatment then HR may have chosen not to pay me- I'm not sure.

    Please don't feel at all guilty for the time off- put yourself and the treatment first.
  4. We're about to go down the IVF route and although HT has been very supportive, any time off will be unpaid.
  5. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I'm allowed 1.5 hours paid time off for any IVF appointments. Any time after that is unpaid.

    I can't even get to the hospital in 1.5 hours!
  6. You could ask to see a copy of the schools leave of absence policy as our model policy from our LA's HR department specifically details time off for fertility treatment as follows:
    Details of leave provision : Each request will be considered individually in the context of the particular circumstances. Note: The woman undergoing IVF treatment is regarded as pregnant for the period following implantation of the fertilised ova until the end of the protected period* Maximum days per term: As agreed with Headteacher - discretionary
    Paid / Unpaid : Pay is Discretionary
    Reference: Green Book: Part 4.5, 1.5 – ‘authorities are recommended to make reasonable time off arrangements’
    If your school policy is the same as ours it will come down to how sympathetic your head is as to how much time off you can have and whether it is paid. Perhaps talk to your head first and if they say unpaid or restricted time it would be worth asking for a copy of the policy you could then also ask if anyone has previously requested time off for same reasons and whether they were paid - is there a precedent?
    Don't know if that helps or not.... Good luck (both with negotiating the time off - hopefully paid - and with the treatment itself [​IMG] )
  7. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    I went early before school - you may be able to do this but it will depend on your clinic's opening times. Both school and my clinic fairly near home.
    Yes and she was very supportive. I can't imagine trying to do it without my HT knowing - it would be too hard.
    Squeezed them all in before or after school but once again this may not be possible for you depending on distances to travel.
    Good luck with your treatment.
  8. This is one of the things I'm a bit worried about too LMC - taking time off. My fertility clinic is about an hour away from work and home and open office hours so there's a slim chance I could go after work if they gave me very late afternoon / early evening appointments but otherwise I will have to take time off. I have enquired with my union how the land lies with regard to taking time off for what is essentially an 'elective' procedure (pah! Like we're *choosing* to have to go through this!!) and it is pretty much Headteacher's discretion as to whether it's paid. So I'm hoping my HT will be leniant!
    I have decided I am going to tell my Head, Deputy and TA when the time comes for me to be taking a lot of time off so that they know - I don't think I could do it without telling them, it would be too hard to make excuses! They already think I must be pregnant if I ever go to the doctors (I got married last year and people are always gossiping - 'is she pregnant yet?' ever since!)
    Do you know when your treatment is likely to start yet LMC?

  9. No news on a start date as yet, Emmsie. I've got a scan next week so willa sk then when I will hear more [​IMG] My clinic is similar to yours in distance from home/work and attending appointments prior to EC is worrying me. The clinic no longer give sick notes on request, so I'd have to see my own GP to get one.
    I don't know yet if I'll tell anyone. I (foolishly?) told my HT that we were looking at this route when we had our first appointment, but I regret telling her now. I may well tell a TA when I get to EC week, as she'll be the one standing in for me at short notice initially.
    OH and I have spoken about telling our parents, but haven't yet been brave enough to do so. We really want to know a bit more about when treatment will start before we tell anyone else I think.... I'm happy to tell his parents as they have a medical background which might be useful, but I really don't want to tell my Mum & have her hassling me/getting over-excited/telling the whole world. Does that make me a bad daughter?!?!?

  10. I was lucky that the bulk of my treatment fell in the Christmas holidays but even then, all my scans were early morning so it wouldn't have been a problem with school.
    If your clinic does early morning scans (mine were all around 8am) you'll only really need time off for the egg collection plus the next day and the embryo transfer.
  11. We told my Mum but not DH's parents, mainly because my Mum knows what the boundries are and knew not to ask questions or tell other people what was happening.
    DH's Mum would for sure tell everyone and call us every day for news though!
  12. Both our sets of parents know that we've been having problems conceiving and are now waiting for fertility treatment. We're both really close to our parents and decided to tell them, partly to lower their expectations (they were desperately waiting for news of a grandchild since we got married) and also feel we'll need their support.
    We're lucky we know that both sets of parents wouldn't go blabbing and that this is a private matter, neither of them ever instigate conversations about it and only talk about it when we bring it up. It's my own fault I have always been so open about wanting to start a family as soon as we were married so when it didn't happen it left the question, why not?

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