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Time off for bereavement

Discussion in 'Personal' started by neffa2007, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. can anyone advise me as to how much if any time off you are allowed for the death of a father-in-law
  2. As much as your head will allow. However, do remember that they can't deduct money from your pay without your permission!
  3. I was told no time at all. He died today and I was unable to teach so asked to go to my husband. She was very unsympathetic and down-right rude :(
  4. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    That's awful. Your husband needed you.
    Can't believe that some people can be so heartless.
    Sympathy to your family. X
  5. Right, so now you are feeling the stress: You go and get a two week sick note and tell your head to stick it where the sun don't shine! You will need that time to sort through all the paper work etc anyway. Not easy. "luckily" my MIL die in the summer holidays because sorting everything was a nightmare. Good luck and what a cow!
  6. Thanks for the advice. Went back today, no apology but she came to see me...next thing asking for the day off for the funeral on Monday :(
  7. Have a look at your staff attendance/absence policy. It will state there the things you are allowed time off for. Unfortunately, sometimes as a manager I think their first thought is managing the situation rather than being a bit human. I think our policy allows for 5 days compassionate.
  8. Get yourself signed off if need be - no arguments - she has set the tone by treating you this way.
    You shouldn;t have to go cap in hand to ask to go your FiL's funeral.
    With sympathy
  9. What a heartless ***.
    We get 3 family days, however when my sister died I was off for 4 weeks. I covered this time with sick notes and recieved 2 genuine calls from my head asking how I was doing and telling me to take as long as I needed.
    Take care. of you and yours and *** the job, go sick


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