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Time off for appointments.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by riotstar, May 11, 2011.

  1. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have just sorted out my "booking in appointment". It's in school time and I've put a request in for the time off but not put what the appointment is for as I feel uncomfortable telling my Head or Deputy until I'm 12 weeks. To make things really complicated my school is in special measures and any requests for appointments/CPD has to go through the LEA. What can I do if they don't ok my request for the morning off?
  2. *have to
  3. Would it not just be worth telling your HT (I can understand why you want to wait until 12 weeks) but the sooner you tell them the sooner they have to allow you time off for appointments and there would be no need for you to request time off.
    The HT would have to keep it confidential - remember it is your entitlement to paid time off for appointments.
    On my first appointment I told HT and then for the next one he asked me to make it in my PPA time - initially I said yes but then realised I was allowed the time off and when I reminded him of that he quickly changed his mind.
  4. Can't you just say you have a medical appointment and that you cannot change the time?
    I had to go to hspital for a scan last week to see if my ovaries and uterus were ok and I just put medical appointment (actually, I think I wrote hospital appointment) on my leave of absence form and no-one asked me what it was for. I didn't think they could ask as it could be something very personal?
  5. Hiya,

    As the previous poster said, tell your HT it is a hospital appointment and say no more. I'm quite sure no one will question it. It's what I said for my 12 week scan.

    I've got my 20 week scan next week and my HT has asked me to swap my PPA time to that afternoon which I have agreed to, to help the school out (lack of budget for supply cover) but I'm a bit annoyed as I know full well I am entitled to both my appointment and PPA time. I won't let it happen again. So unfair when I am too tired to work in the evenings and I need all the PPA time I can get!

    Good luck with your appointment.

    H x
  6. Congratulations - hopefully you will get it and so this won't be an issue for you - if not I guess you would have to tell your head and emphasise that you 'don't' want anyone else to know until your 12 week scan.
  7. congrats [​IMG]
    i had a hospital appointment a week as i had a high risk pregnancy with a first scan at 7 weeks. i had to tell the person in charge of absence because of the high number of appointments i had to have. but i spoke with my union first and started the conversation with "i need to talk to you about a medical matter which is, and must remain, confidential" and he was very good about keeping my news secret even though from a business point of view it would have made his life far easier to tell some people.
  8. emmam25

    emmam25 New commenter

    I have to add I didn't plan on telling my Head but then I walked by their office on Monday feeling like a Zombie and dreading getting through the week so I just told the and I'm glad I did, they were very supportive and now I have no worries getting appointments off!
  9. Thanks for all of your nice messages. :)
    I've decided I'm only going to disclose the reason for my appointment if they don't let me take it, bring out the big guns so to speak!

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