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Time off for anenatal class

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by specky4eyes, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. My head is not letting me go on a NCT anenatal class. It is on a Friday 10-4, Sat 10-4 and Monday night. The whole idea is you go and meet 8 other women who are due around the same times as you. So going early eg over summer hols wouldn't work. I would just need one Friday off.
    The NHS run one which is 4 mondays mornings in a row or THursday afternoons.
    Either way it would involve time off. I wanted to do the NCT ones as I have heard good things about them.
    What does everybody advise?
  2. You have the the right to go to antenatal classes IF they are recommended by your doctor, which should be easily done - just get him/her to write you a note.

  3. Aren't there any more local to you that are on weekends and evenings? Ours were thurs evenings and Saturday mornings. Would definitely recommend them so if there aren't Amy more, go to your gp and get them to recommend classes so you can get the time off. I'm sure a colleague in a previous school regularly had weds mornings off and I also had a Monday morning off for an nct breast-feeding class. Don't take mo for an answer!
  4. Lol excuse iPhone typos!
  5. You are entitled to paid time of for antenatal appointments AND classes. Apparently this also includes exercise classes if there are none in the evenings in your area. Your head shouldn't refuse to let you go if you can show it is a valid class, thought they can request proof of the appointment/time.

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