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Time off as a Teaching Assistant

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by semiemma, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Hi. Im wondering if anybody can help me with some advice. Im getting married next year and need 3 days leave from work. I put in a holiday form 2 years in advace with my headmaster, who said that there would not be a problem and to rehand in my form this year.
    I handed my form in again and he has now said that my request will have to go to govenors. I have stated on my form that i intend to take the 3 days as unpaid leave.
    The headmaster stated that another teaching assitant has asked for 3 days off next year 5 months before me and her request also had to go to govenors but they turned her request down.
    Everything has been booked for my wedding and im unable to cancel as i would lose all the money. I feel sick with worry.

    Any advide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    We were always told that the goveners will only accept a wedding or a death for you to be granted time off. Put in for it and worry if you dont get it, not before.
  3. Another teaching assistant has had time off for her own wedding turned down by the govenors and thats why im worried as there not going to let it be one rule for one person and another rule for me.
  4. ps, i have just had an email from my headmaster staing that it is unlikely that i will be given the time off and that i will have to agree to a meeting with govenors
  5. It would be extremely unfair if they did turn you down seeing as you had previously spoken to your head and been told not to worry and re-submit your application at a later date. If they turn you down you could always speak to your union.
  6. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Fingers crossed for you.
    I think our head would grant it.If you have to meet the Governors then do so.Take some information with you with regards to the costs.I would say that you had discussed this with the Head previously ( do you think perhaps the Head forgot) and all the preparations have been made.I can't imagine them being that unreasonable but keep cool and polite.I wish you the best of luck.
  7. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Sorry if it seems harsh - I genuinely have never heard of school staff being entitled to take holiday in term time!
    When I started working in schools I accepted that I would never again be able to take time off other than in unforseeable circumstances such as illness or close family bereavement. It seemed very odd to me that someone would knowingly book an important event in term time but, obviously, other people consider this normal.
  8. Sorry Ophelia if you thought I was saying you were being harsh. If you look at our posting times we posted within moments of each other so I hadn't seen your post before I posted my own contribution.
    I meant that the poster's school was being a little harsh as the poster had already booked her wedding and had received a provisional yes from her Head. Like yourself I have worked in schools for a long time and would never risk booking anything in term time. In the ten years I have worked in school things have got stricter and I can only remember two occasions where our staff have been given permission for more than a couple of days off in term time. One was unpaid leave for a teacher doing voluntary work abroad and the other was for an Admin team member's Ruby Anniversary holiday and she made the time up in the holidays.
    Our Governing body are quite generous with a single day off for something particularly special but I think they are worried about setting precedents and so try to make it fair by saying no to everyone for a longer period of leave.
    Have you had a definite no? Good luck - what will you do if they say no?
  9. I am so amazed at these posts. I work in a primary school, and am a governor, and never in all the years have I been in employment has anyone had to go to the Governors for permission to have time off during the term. The Head has always been the one to make the decision, and usually when you tell him you are willing to take the time of unpaid he allows the leave. Mind you we do not often take advantage of the situation, otherwise I am sure he would stop giving his permission. Are we the only school to do gthis?
  10. No! Our HT makes the decision. In fact due to the change next year to the Spring bank Holiday week I am having a week off unpaid. I booked my holiday for the usual half-term week, (as I thought), only to find some time later that it would be a week later than usual. It would have meant a loss of a deposit as well as causing problems within the company my husband works for. The HT has agreed to me having the extra week off unpaid as he realises this was a genuine mistake.
  11. The Local Authority in which I work (Oxfordshire) has an "Emergency & Special Leave" policy for staff. I would recommend you check with HR if your LA has a similar policy.

    OCC's can be seen at http://intranet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/wps/wcm/connect/occ/Insite/HR/Schools%20HR/Policies%20procedures%20and%20guidance%20A-Z/
  12. I have had to submit a letter to the board of govners and i await their outcome. I would like to state that i have not booked my wedding in term time, it is out of term. I am asking for the day before my wedding which is the last day of term as a day to do last minute preparations.
    The other day i have asked for is the first day back in term due to flight arrivals.
    I would not have booked the wedding and paid for it all if i was not given the go ahead by the headteacher.

    I submitted 2 years notice and was told there would not be a problem
  13. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Well that definitely doesn't seem unreasonable, and I would have thought that this was one of those accepted situations in schools that do not require special permission from governors - most schools I know of will also give a day (though sometimes unpaid) to attend a child's graduation and that decision lies with the head too.
    I sorry I misunderstood your original post - clearly this is just a case of an insecure (or maybe just unpleasant) head who doesn't have a clear picture of their own role. I suppose the second day might justify requiring special permission but, again, I think it lies within the head's remit to make that decision. Hope it works out alright for you.
  14. We have been told in our school that the LA has changed the policy on leave of absence and that things that would have normally been agreed by the HT now have to go to the board of governors!

  15. Hi everyone

    Thought i would update you all. I sent a letter to the governors and had to wait over a month for a reply.
    I have been granted my 2 days leave, 1 with pay and 1 without.
    It stated that there had been a tightning up this year of the criteria for which leave of absence may be granted and employees own weddings is not part of this. Due to the fact that i had given 2 years notice and it was done before the tightning of the system, my leave was granted.

  16. Well that's good news.Hope the wedding goes well.
  17. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    So pleased to hear you were given it.Have a lovely day.[​IMG]
  18. Thank You. My brother is gettin married in Deccember 2013 so planning a baby round that time so i will be able to have time off for the wedding !!!!! x
  19. Hi all. I am a TA and i requested 5 days off for my partner and i to get married on our 25th Anniversary of being togegher. The request was for our 2 children too as tbey were to be our two witnesses. The head said she didn't think they'd be a problem. The Governors turned my request down taking 3 months to reply to my original request, offering me 1 day unpaid only. It would mean travelling to Cornwall in a day, getting married and coming back same day. With much discussion I got it made to 2 days, of course unpaid. In the end I refused, lost all my deposits and got married during half term. Not as special but I took it on board. What upset me was another TA was given 7 days off for her and her kids in same school to go to Spain for a cousins wedding. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer and they'd already had two weeks in America in school time for last couple of years running and another weeks holiday in term time. Each year too. By the Spain holiday he was clear. I don't want to sound completely horrible but it doesn't seem fair. The rules need to be clearer surely.
  20. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    I agree, the Governors seem to have made a very harsh decision regarding your time off to get married, especially as the HT was on your side. They also took a ridiculously long time to respond to your request! Congratulations on your wedding - I hope it was a lovely time for you and your family.
    Regarding the other TA and her time off - I can see how that would play on your mind (it would me!). But you can't change anything and she must have had a very rough couple of years with her husband's illness. If you are happy at the school, try to put it behind you and move on.

    That said, I do agree - there are always exceptions (at the Head's discretion) but rules do need to be clear!

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