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Time for a "New to Year 6 club" too!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by esiuol2008, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Just wondering who else is going into Year 6 for the first time this September?
    I am KS1 trained, had a number of years in Year 2, a year in year one. The last two years in year 4 and am now heading to year 6.
    Any practical advice? i.e timetabling? classroom/behaviour management? and SATs revision?

  2. Y6 is a hard but great year group to have! You need to set the behaviour and work ethics expectations early on as they do try it on, especially if they see you as a 'young children's teacher'. Depends on your school about timetabling. I had the autumn term pretty general with all the subjects in. After October half term, we focussed on areas that they were not very good on and worked on these until SATs. Y6 can be fun - we have done lots of art and topic work. We emphasised the importance of working hard and working together. I've spent 5 years in Y6 and loved every minute of it. Good luck!!
  3. I'm also new to Year 6, only teaching English and Maths as I've got Set 3 and there are only 2 classes. Should be interesting, looking forward to it, but going to be strange with the children not actually being my class all the time.
  4. Last year was my first year in yr 6 after having yr 4 too. I was a bit nervous and anxious about the pressure but had a great year! Will be in year 6 this year too. My main advice would be to be firm from the start as its a very busy year, keep on top of the marking is a must! I make sure I don't end up using my holidays to 'catch up!' The answer? Not a great one I'm afraid....I try and mark all work on the day its done.....with a class of 32 this can kill me at times! Good luck!
  5. sunnies

    sunnies New commenter

    Me too! I'm moving to Year 6 in a prep school and can't wait after 2 years teaching Year 5.
    Good luck everyone!
  6. poet

    poet New commenter

    This is my third year in year6 and i LOVE it. It's ridiculously busy and you feel like you're working on a different timescale to everyone else with much more pressure. Definitely keep on top of your marking and assessment - not sure what your school/management team is like but you may be asked for snapshot levels constantly so they can get an idea of projections etc. Hopefully your SMT is supportive and understand that it's a 'different' year to be in as a teacher. Try not to buckle to pressure to begin SATS revision and teaching to tests too early (if you can) - there are different and successful ways to do it and tonnes of helpful people on these boards with ideas closer to the time
    Be firm but fair, the kids grow up so much in the space of the year but they can feel slightly 'big fish small pond' and so letting them know the rules at the beginning of the year - as ever - is super important. You may also have the inevitable getting on and falling out every 30 seconds as they grow up and emotions and hormones start flying about all over the place.
    Personally I love the way they become young teens (well not really but you know what I mean - they aren't little children any more) and really are ready to move onto secondary school. Once the relationship and respect are there they are easy to have fun with and can be a great laugh.

    Good luck - you'll be loving it in no time :)
  7. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Can I join the club too! I have finally got my own class after two miserable years on supply and I have years 56. I just finished a long term placement in Y6 and I am told that they were the exception to the rule "If you can cope with these, you can cope with anything!". I am not sure coping was the right word as I felt pretty evil for most the year, however my class seem "younger" somehow. I am hoping that as I am their teacher from day one and not covering maternity that I can set the ground rules and have a happier year. I am scared, I am terrified in fact - having this job means so much to me. I am terrified I mess it up!
  8. Thanks everyone. I know these children really well, as have already taught them in year 2 and year 4, which is a positive in many ways, as I know all their tricks etc! But it could make it difficult too.

    What sanctions/rewards have you found successful?
  9. funkyyay

    funkyyay New commenter

    Hi, the superhero themed work sounds super.
    If you have any plans or resources to share that would be really appreciated.
    Many thanks
  10. Y6 is brilliant: the school gets behind you when you cry for help. It's such a high-stakes year group that you find you get support when otherwise people would say that they simply didn't have time.
  11. I will forward it on, for what it's worth! As it was revision of genres it was quite minimal. If you use promethean I could send the flip charts which have examples I had written to inspire the children.

  12. You have mail...

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