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TIE Online

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by adrixargentina, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    I've just subscribed to TIE Online. Has anyone used it?

  2. Interista

    Interista New commenter

    I've never actually taken a job through them but that's just been how the jobs have panned out. There's no harm in registering, unless of course there is a fee now, I don't remember every paying one though.
    adrixargentina likes this.
  3. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    I think I subscribed once but found the jobs to be heavily biassed to US/Canadian systems.
    I still look at it when I'm job searching but haven't paid the fee since
    adrixargentina likes this.
  4. shazzamac

    shazzamac New commenter

    If you have IB experience it could be useful.
    Unless you're averse to American schools/curriculums, then why not? I've worked in Uk/IB and US....at the end of the day, teaching is teaching. And 1 'British' school curriculum implementation can be as different to another British school as it can be to an American one. I learned loads from 3 years in an American school.
    Personally, I think having a variety of curriculums on your cv shows you to be adaptable and marketable.
    So I say try it....
    adrixargentina likes this.
  5. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    As I understand it, upper school science is arranged differently in the US curriculum. It's not for me.

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