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Tidy up songs?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by miss_emmajane, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hi :)

    I just wanted to know which songs you use for tidy up time in your class if you use any as I am struggling to find a short but fast paced piece of music or song to use with my yr4 class on placement.

    Thanks xxx
  2. Hi there

    I got hold of Mission Impossible from a friend and they (yr 4) LOVE it. Be warned though, initially there were a couple on times that the sillier boys bashed themselves on tables that they were trying to dive under (mission impossible-esque), so we needed a couple of talks on what was reasonable.

    I usually have to play it twice as it's really short, but the room always looks much better when we do it this way.
  3. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    I usually use 'It's Chico Time'. Or 'Flight of the Bumblebees'. For some of my classes I feel like I should be using 'Tubular Bells part 1 and 2', so slow are they...

  4. I also use Mission Impossible and it is fab. Children really enjoy it and the fast pace leads to a quick tidy time. I have also used clips of dance/samba/pop and other fast music genres before.
  5. There's a fab balloon IWB timer someone posts on primary a lot (think it came from firey ideas) where you can set the time to what you want and the pin moves slowly towards the balloon.
  6. I have a power point with various slides to correspond to what I want them to clear up. e.g. clear practical equipment away and sit with your books open to discuss the results, or clear everything away, put your stools on the tables and stand behind them, etc. I use a piece of music I found on the internet called 'sandwich'. It takes 1 min 40 secs, and changes sounds every so often. If you work out the times you can call out 40 seconds left, 30 seconds left, 10 seconds left. All the years I have used it for from 7-11 love it. Just watch out for the congo forming sometimes.
  7. I use the benny hill theme tune. I have it so that its incorporated into a count down as well.

  8. The other thing I did (also with Y4) was to give one child who'd been working hard all lesson a set number of stickers to give out to people tidying sensibly and quickly - they got the ego boost of being the boss, the kids all tried to get a sticker (however hard they'll try to convince you otherwise - they'll still fall for funky stickers that far up the school) and things got done relatively quickly.
  9. http://www.funnyhub.com/animations/pages/singing-horses.html
  10. I know this isn't strictly what you asked, but it has been so helpful to me that I thought I should pass it on. In my class, tidy-up time used to be chaos, with kids insisting that they had done "their table" and that they weren't going to do any more. Now I use "The Magic Spot", the kids actually look forward to tidying up.
    Basically, you tell the children that you have chosen one object in the room that needs to be tidied away (e.g. a pencil on the floor or a glue-stick without a lid), but that you won't tell them what it is. Whoever tidies it away will be rewarded (with two stars/a sticker/extra ICT time/whatever rewards you use in your classroom). The good thing about it is that if you haven't actually picked an object, or you didn't see who got it, you can just select someone who was making an effort and get them to guess which of the objects they tidied was the Magic Spot. We have been doing this since October and the kids absolutely love it. Plus, it works anywhere - in P.E., in Science, on school trips etc.
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  11. I love it! What a great idea; it made me laugh out aloud! Must try as soon as possible, especially as our Head has asked for an especially tidy day tomorrow (visitors....)!
  12. Thanks for the Magic Spot idea. Did it at the end of the day today with Y5/6. They all jumped to it and the room was tidy in minutes - Fab! Amazing how one Team Point can be so motivating.
    Cheers [​IMG]
  13. I did this today as well... it worked well apart from them insisting on telling me about EVERY SINGLE THING they'd tidied up... down to individual glue sticks and pencils.
  14. Try using the 'countdown timer' on classtools.net. It has a variety of songs to choose from, including Indiana Jones, the A team and The Pink Panther. It also displays a clock counting down. Its excellent!!
  15. Hi, I am teaching a Reception class for the first time and am finding tidying up a little difficult. I have heard about the 'Mission Impossible' music and sounds fantastic. Please could anyone tell me where I can get it from - Urgently needed!!!
    Thanks xx
  16. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    It's pretty widely available- the old version is usually best; get it from Amazon, Mp3 (for instant download) or CD.

    Read more from Tom here on his personal blog, or follow him on Twitter here.
  17. Thanks for the heads up about the countdown timer - it's fabulous, and you can upload your own music - I'm going to upload Flight of the Bumblebee and also use Doctor Who for those quick 'getting to the carpet' moments that my Year 1s are struggling with!
  18. Love the magic spot idea. Know it will become part of my classroom repertoire from now on. Another tune that can be used is the William Tell Overture, however, I only use this at home time as it tends to make them all hyper. So enjoy tidying up, winding them up then send them home to mum ;-)
  19. With my KS3 Design Technology classes, I've been using the Hawaii 5-0 theme tune... There's a version on youtube that gives them exactly a minute, and the first table to achieve whatever the goal is (packing away, finishing a task) gets an extra house point each

    ..............It's amazing how many year 7s I've heard wandering around the school still humming it a day later ;)
  20. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    I always wanted to use '20 seconds to comply' by Silver Bullet, but I think Ofsted would frown.
    Read more from Tom here on his personal blog, or follow him on Twitter here.

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