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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by princessdiaries, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Since I was diagnosed with this, I've spent a fortune on canestan cream and the internal pill as well. I find insertion of the pill messy and quite painful and the itching and pain is unbearable at times. It's reduced me to tears on more than one occasion [​IMG]
    Are there any other treatments available as the cream/pill relieve some of the symptoms temporarily but then it comes back and even my doctor acknowledges it's a "very nasty case."
  2. Cotton undies only, no sex when you are having an 'episode' and if you are using any toys they need to be thoroughly cleaned with the correct wipes. (apologies if you are offended by the last bit!)
  3. There's a pill (taken orally and NOT inserted!) called 'diflucan' and I believe Boots do a far cheaper own brand version that works well. Are you doing all the preventative measures? Cotton underwear, not 'overwwashing', no perfumed/scented products? I sympathise, I had four courses of antibiotics in quick sucession a while ago and was permanently thrush-ridden.
  4. Oh, and a sexual partner could be reinfecting you. They also need to be treated.
  5. If it's a very nasty case that laughs at fluconazole then you need referring for something stronger. I had to take something whose name I can't remember and Mr L had to take it too. We had to abstain from all physical contact during the treatment and it gave us both upset stomachs. But it did get rid of it forever.
    We were also given Flagyl just in case ther were other infections (Trich, vaginal bacteriosis etc) being masked by the thrush.
    In the meantime, you can buy an over-the-counter one-pill (tablet to swallow rather than shove where the sun don't shine) treatment for thrush. Canesten brand-name is £10 but Asda's own make, containing exactly the same ingrediernts is £4.95.
  6. Thank you everyone for such speedy responses and I'm certainly not offended, although to be truthful the idea of ANYTHING going near that area at the moment is laughable, or it would be if it wasn't for the fact I really want to try for a baby but don't see how it's possible when it hurts to wipe after a wee (sorry!)
    I will ask about the something stronger Lily, thanks for that. They're sympathetic whenever I get checked out but I don't want sympathy, I want to stop feeling in so much pain!
    I also get lots of discharge of a thick, gluey texture, not watery or moist but really dry. I haven't looked closely (!) but I know all that area is red, flamed and sore.
    Well, now you all know a lot more about me ... !
  7. Chris4

    Chris4 New commenter

    One little thing I would like to add is that I read somewhere (Cosmopolitan circa 1986 I think!) that taking a supplement of vitamin B helps. I tried that for years every time I felt I had thrush coming back maybe a little, and I found it worked like magic. I've never seen that anywhere since, but it certainly worked to prevent it for me.
  8. I get thrush on an almost continuous basis and can never seem to get rid of it (or it goes and then comes back a couple of days later). I've tried all the conventional methods so am going down more of a natural approach now. I've recently been quite ill with viral infections and am now having post viral fatigue symptoms which I've found out can sometimes be due to yeast / fungal infections such as candida / thrush.
    I'm following an anti fungal diet (well, after xmas!) which will involve eliminating things like diary, wheat, sugar, caffeine etc which will kill off the bacteria and basically 'clean me out'! It'll be for a couple of months but hopefully it should stop this cycle of things.... If you google 'anti fungal diet' you'll find out more about it.
  9. I used to get thrush quiite a bit and used to put a few drops of tea tree oil on my finger and get it up as far as I could do. Sorted it generally in a day or two - used in the morning and evening. I know you're not supposed to put neat tea tree oil on yourself but I wouldn't use anything else for thrush now as it sorts it so quickly.
  10. Also, worth mentioning... I thought I had thrush several times and it was very bad - the skin was SOOOO itchy and sometimes little splits appeared, it was puffed up and beyond irritating. The pharmacist wouldn't give me any more thrush stuff and it turned out it wasn't thrush it was an allergy to the bleaching agents they put in tampons and towels along with the super-absorbent crystals in disposable towels. I switched to sing natracare organic towels and tampons and the problem disappeared. I now use a 'moonsup' which I simply love, have used it for years and would never give it up.
    As you're trying for a baby you might find thrush inevitable as sperm alters your vaginas natural pH for over 24 hours so if you're having sex often you're almost bound to get thrush. Again, I recommend tea tree oil or a douche so your vagina gets a chance to settle down. I do feel for you - it's infuriating to be sore and itchy so much. I hope it clears very soon. make sure you are treating your husband too (I don't mean 'being nice to him'!)
  11. Sorry - moonCup - moonSup sounds disgusting
  12. Thanks for all advice x
  13. Hi

    I started taking probiotics as I read they were good for thrush and so far I haven't had an episode since. It's something to do with good and bad bacteria I think. Here's the link to the one I bought

  14. Don't think the link works but copy and paste it and it does x
  15. Wow this thread has been really useful for me.
    I have been taking antibiotics for the last month or
    so and I'm sure I have now got thrush (had it in my
    mouth a while ago- that was horrid). Going to go
    to the chemist later and try a few of the ideas off
    here! Thanks!
  16. Not read all the thread so apologies if I duplicate anthing.
    Are you sure it is thrush and not cytolysis vaginitis. It is not very well recognised but I am sure I had this for year. I too have cried in agony and the thought of anything going near that area just made me wince. It is very similar to thursh but thrush treatments don'e really help.
    I totally go with the bicarb idea. I used to have a cool shallow bath witha load in and the relief was amazing.
    Just thought It might be worth googling. Although if you think it could be that don't expect too much support from your GP or nurse lol. I went through 5 GP's 2 Gynae's and numerous nurses before anyone took me seriously. My last GP referred me and the solution was to come off the pill and that seems to have solved the problem. If I do get symptoms (albeit mild now) I use the bicarb wash and all is fine again.

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