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Discussion in 'Primary' started by clatkiu1, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Hi there
    Wondering if anyone can help me. I have applied to go through the threshold in round 10. Gave form suggested by TA etc. Know that pay will not be backdated but started in Sept 2010.
    My head has asked me to look at the standards & write examples of evidence as to how I've met them. Is this normal? I've looked at the original form I filled in and it says that previous 2 Performance managements are the evidence??
    Slightly confused??
  2. You shouldn't need to provide evidence.
    Copied this from a previous post:
    Changes to Threshold (Round 10 - 2009/10) Background<font size="3"> </font>Current arrangements for threshold applications for 2008/9 (Round 9 - until 31st August 2009) are similar to previous years although the application form has been updated (see www.teachernet.gov.uk/threshold). However there are significant changes from 2009/10 (Round 10 - from 1st September 2009) onwards, where teachers will be assessed against the post threshold standards based <u>solely</u> on performance management outcomes. From 1st September 2009 (Round 10), schools will use the outcomes of their last two performance reviews to assess whether a teacher meets the post threshold standards. At this point, teachers will no longer need to provide separate evidence in support of a threshold application. Despite the evidence being collected and analysed by the reviewee and reviewer and recorded on the performance management &ldquo;planning & review statement&rdquo;, it will remain the Headteacher who will assess the individual&rsquo;s threshold application. It is extremely important that those teachers wishing to apply for threshold ensure that the outcomes of their performance management reviews, in the 2 years preceding their application, provide evidence to show how they meet the post threshold standards.
  3. Yes I have been confused by this, but I have taken it as the evidence you put on the sheet comes from your last 2 PM reviews, I am putting a bit of extra stuff on it too that not on my PM but that I have done.
  4. what are the rules for going through the second stage of the threshold, I did the first one a few years ago. We don't have Performance Management reviews at my school.
  5. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    As alea rightly says, it is based solely on your PM reviews. Your school should have been taking steps since two years ago to ensure that PM review statements contained the necessary information and detail to allow your Head to make his judgement based on that. Any failure to do so is a failure of the school in its record-keeping, not you in your achievement.

    teejay - as for your school not having PM reviews, is there a reason for that? Almost all schools which are covered by the statutory rules on upper pay scale are also covered by the statutory rules on Performance Management.
  6. My last 2 PMs haven't covered all the threshold standards, but I probably have evidence in what I have done over the last few years. Maybe should make a few notes about how I think I've met standards??
  7. Have been reading these posts with intrigue.
    I'm on M6, and I was thinking of applying for Threshold, or supposed to be, and I find myself in a position where I probably won't be able to do it this year, as I missed out on one my PM objectives.
    I'm feeling very frustrated - I changed schools two years ago, and didn't have a review of my PM for that last year there, as this would've taken place in the September (2008 - but I'd started at a new school).
    I find how it all works very misleading.........

  8. I have just started my second year of being on M6 and despite spending much of last year asking my HT about the new forms I needed to complete and whether I needed to evidence this and was told she could not help in any way (mainly because she didn't know) !! not even to back up which form i needed so I tried to find out for myself.
    I wanted to use the 2 latest PM and I only managed to get these done at the beginning of October despite still constantly nagging for this to happen. Basically I wamted to know if I had to submit the forms by 31st October or whether the decision by HT needed to be made by 31st???? Still haven't heard one way or another...does anyone know???
  9. I am also frustrated and confused. I am on my fifth year as UPS 1, although a part timer. Have always reached my targets for PM, although last year previous Head did not do any PMs (yes, he legally should have!)
    Small rural school with little money and threat of redundancy so what hope have I got to go up to correct salary? Should I expect UPS 2 when or if I find a new job?
  10. UPS2 is not a 'right' after a certain amount of time on UPS. You need to show that you are at least a 'good' teacher and that you are having whole school positive impact. So many schools have UPS staff who do not do both or either of these things. If you know you're doing both and can evidence it (given that you've not had proper PM you might need to do this) then you should go to UPS2. You can push this, with union help if you need to, but can see the real problem of a school strapped for cash. You have my sympathy.
  11. sorry to ask again but I'm getting nowhere with help from school or the Internet really...does anyone know if applications from teachers have to be with HT by 31st Oct or does the HT need to have decided and informed LA by 31st???
  12. All the paperwork by the HT needs to be in to the LA by the 31st
  13. I too am getting very confused and frustrated. I went through the first threshold in 2006 when I left my (special) school in the UK to work abroad. When i returned to the Uk a year later, I started at another (special) school and was moved into Foundation stage as an emergency measure. I was not put through a performance management cycle as they deemed this would be unfair. I had no EYFS training and was trained to teach English to 11-19 year olds. Despite the lack of formal PM, I did actually learn the entire EYFS curriculum and the (hundreds of!) ways of assessing at that level. It displayed HUGE professional development but it was not counted in terms of pay progression. (likewise the year I spent abroad)

    I then moved back into the secondary department of the same school and took over coordination of PSHE and Citizenship KS1-4 (no TLRs in Special schools either!) developing a whole other set of new skills and further incresing my subject knowledge! I completed a successful Pm at that school and then moved to another school to be closer to home. I have subsequently completed another successful PM (This time teaching Food Technology and a range of other new courses!) and in despair at earning less now than I did when I left the first school in 2006, have FINALLY applied for my move to UPS2.

    However... Despite my pleas that the 2 PMs were now the criteria for pay progression, I was told that it was at the Head's discretion and that in this school I DID need to put together a portfolio of evidence. So, losing the will to live, I put forward the said evidence file and handed it in to my head (all complete apart from the fact that I was still waiting for his written feedback from my lesson observation in April) at the beginning of October and have still heard nothing back. My salary is still UPS1 so despite my rant, my real question is: When does he have to inform me of his decision and is he obliged to backdate my pay to September if he takes all year?! Also, if he says no (He has absolutely no reason to!) Does he have to explain why in writing?

    Sorry for the long post but I really am losing the will to fight any more!
  14. I have been told on the strength of my lesson observations and my experience that I should be eligible for threshold.
    I have no idea of what this involves. I know a few years ago it involved filling in loads of forms and gathering loads of evidence - is this still the case?
    Would appreciate if someone could explain the process and what is required.
    Many thanks
  15. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    @pol73 your head is wrong, I suggest you and mmc39 start with www.tesfaq.co.uk then look at the STPCD 2010 and the TDA website, then have a word at school, then consult your local union office
  16. Hi there do youthink you could tell where you found a form I have got to use round 10 form for round 11 as nothing is out yet but on Teacher net I can only find 6 pages under Threshold none of which appear to blank to fill in Or don't I do I just it as printed to my line manager to fill in from my Performance Review
  17. As far as I understand it, as a HT, 2 consecutive PMs and you have met Threshold. It's up to me to ensure that PM targets match the standards. No form filling required just a written request to be considered. We have staff who went through this year- agreed in November and backdated to September.
    If you have no PM I think the school would find it difficult not to put you through as they haven't allowed you the chance to demonstrate successful PM.


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