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Threshold 2009/2010 for UPS 2 - do we get back pay back to September 2009?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by colouringbook, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Do we get back pay to September 2009 or do we just get a pay increase in September 2010? Thanks :)
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    There is no 'threshold' for UPS 2... Your progression should have been confirmed in October when your salary was reviewed provided you completed 2 performance management cycles successfully. Has someone implied or made you fill out a form or write an application letter or something??
  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    backdating was done away with from September 2009
  4. Well I got my threshold in September 2006 but my head said I was too late to apply for UPS 1 as I should have got my folder of evidence in by August for UPS 1 but my Dad had died in July BUT I contacted my union and they said it was up to the discretion of my Head. So this happened and he grudgingly agreed to put me up for it eventually about November 2006. I got it and was back paid to September 2006. Now it is 2010 and he has put on my prof dev form that if I meet my targets I go through to UPS 2 but I realise that means I will not have had a pay increase since 2006 so 3 years or 4 years by Sept of this year. What I am wondering is is should I have been put through for UPS 2 last year and if not why?
  5. I too am seeking advice on this topic. I have to admit that checking pay paperwork is not a strong point of mine and I know I should do a better job but...

    I moved to UPS 2 in Sept 2005 (paid only in 2006, but backpaid due to an admin error from school). Earlier this year I realised that I was still being paid at UPS2 level! I am currently in discussion with my Head about this and would appreciate some advice. i shall contact my Union too.

    A long standing colleague was progressing through the pay scale at the same time as me and I recall a conversation with our Head at the time about the standards required for our progression to UPS3. We were told it was at the Heads/Govs discretion subject to successful performance management reviews. It appears that she did receive her increase but I did not, although they should have been processed at the same time. Now, having got my paperwork checked and research in order, it seems that I should have been paid at UPS 3 since Sept 2007!

    How likely am I to be able to claim backpay for this? My Head has agreed to pay from Sept 2009 but neither of us were aware at the time of that conversation that it should actually have been from 2007. I am meeting with my Head tomorrow about this so will see the reaction and then seek Union advice. We currently have a deficit budget at school so am not hopeful that I will receive what I am owed.

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