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Three Little Pigs ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Laura22483, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Trying to put together some ideas for next terms core story, which is Three Little Pigs. Thought of a few but now stuck. Has anyone got any exciting ideas?
  2. Trying to put together some ideas for next terms core story, which is Three Little Pigs. Thought of a few but now stuck. Has anyone got any exciting ideas?
  3. I too am doing the Three Little Pigs next half term. Have got as far as a building site role play area, looking at materials, making our own houses, sequencing the story and a Wanted poster for the wolf! Any other ideas would be appreciated - I always struggle with numeracy ideas.
  4. We have builder's yard outside - I got thermolite bricks from B+Q 84p each - sawed each one into 5 - the children can now build with 'real' bricks! You can get them from TTS ready cut - £20 for 12! Inside have a builder's tray with finger puppets, straw, sticks, and Teifoc bricks. If you've got a Smartboard I've used the pictures available to make the story, leave your email if you want a copy.
    The chn. have loved making masks/headbands and props to use to act out the story.
  5. There are several alternative versions which are great, get a copy of The three little wolves and the big bad pig and there's another one from the point of view of the wolf - can't remember it now but it's fab. The kids love it!
    We made headbands with the pig on one side and the wolf on the other to use in the role-play area.
    Hot seat as the wolf/one of the pigs.
    Ask the children to plan a house that would be safe from wolves and use in construction activities. Get some leaflets from estate agents website of different types of houses. Write a letter to the wolf telling him that he is not to come near the house again otherwise....will happen.
    We made up actions to go with the story with lots of repeating patterns and retold it again and again until the children were able to tell it in assembly off by heart.
    Non-fiction books on wolves and pigs etc

  6. Fugs, thank you for your ideas. Please could I have a copy of your Smartboard story pictures? My email is:


    Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi
    Thank u for all your ideas.
    Would I be able to have a copy of your smartboard pictures Fugs.


    Thank u in advance
  8. Homer, sorry re-sent you 3 pigs.
    Laura, forgot to say the file is zipped as it was too large.
  9. any chance i could have those pictures to?

    many thanks

    my email is katyjane@acuma.tv
  10. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    cardboard boxes for children to turn into the pigs houses, collect twigs on a nature walk to use for house of twigs, could use blocks to print for brick house. The use outside to role play.

    sequence pictutes of story and choose a picture to write a simple sentence/make zig-zag books.

    Paper maches pigs..........clay pigs, playdoh pigs

    find out all about real pigs on www

    using floor robot as wolf, have children program to travel to the different houses

    using nets from cubes, make a house

    lego make a house with 4 windows, door, chim pot

    finger paint pigs for use in whole class retelling of story

    using IWB story no words, model write while children retell

    do character profiles for the pigs/wolf.....

    look at materials used to build houses/thatched roofs etc...

    read with different expression in voice how do children react to wolf if you use different expression, I did this, this week and children had a different view of wolf when we did a profile, as the wolf became surprised when the house blew down, then thought he was playing chase when the pig ran away, so chased him

    hot seat the wolf

    look at real wolves on www............listen to a wolf howl, read the text

    'who loves wolvie' if you havent read before it is brilliant

    make pig or wolve shape biscuits

    mix colours to create pink
  11. any one got simple sequencing pictures for 3 little pigs? i cant find any!

    many thanks
  12. anyone got any ideas on how I could re make the three little pigs houses please? As I have an idea that maybe the children would build the different types of houses (straw, hay and bricks) and then they could have a go at blowing them down to see which ones are unstable. Im not sure if this idea would work, but thought id have a go.
  13. Hiya. Please can you email me the pictures. n_sultani@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you

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