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Thoughts on Larry Flanagan’s letter ...

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Jazzz, May 22, 2020.

  1. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    And, you've got to ask, is the "P7 visits the big school for a day (in a highly controlled environment)" necessary in normal times, never mind a once-in-a-century worldwide emergency?
  2. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    Remember, there's only a week to this return, and I think nobody actually knows (anyone?) what they're going to be actually doing when they go back.

    Fast forward to August and I bet it's the same utter shambles. Sure there will be "detail" on what/when/who you will be "teaching" face-to-face and "online", but this will have all the crystal-clear clarity of the chaotic introduction of CfE.
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  3. alanuk

    alanuk New commenter

    Yes! As soon as I saw the recovery plan and diagrams I had flashbacks to CfE and thinking "What the F is this?"
    And Education Scotland (allegedly) planning and producing all of these amazing resources for us to use... well we'll see how this will work when kids have to sit on their own, if they use a textbook then that has to be theirs (although heaven forbid we even use that word) and not to mention the fact that they are about ten years + too late in now deciding to make resources and while I am on a rant, the GTCS have had to delay for a second time telling probationers their allocations, presumably because they are too busy calling people on the register to ask to return. Yeah I can see a big uptake on that.
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  4. GuessWho

    GuessWho Occasional commenter

    Thankfully I retire in the summer.

    I'm going a year early and I'm so glad I made that decision.

    The situation in August will be a nightmare and I am concerned that, when they return, our less than compliant kids will delight in the opportunity to push any new boundaries that are in place.

    When I get the call, as I'm sure I will, to come back on supply I shall take some delight, on a personal level, in saying no.
    I do, however, feel for my colleagues who remain and will be expected to perform miracles under incredibly challenging conditions.
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  5. Marisha

    Marisha Established commenter

    Re: Fife.

    Have been told that the Area Secretary for Fife SSTA has sent out a letter to all members. No one returning next week. Staff to complete some kind of online module before they go in?
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    LINGUIST2 New commenter

    Some meetings in my school next week but only for promoted staff. Who knows what will follow - I am in the EIS with 2 kids and worried about this for when I go back. EIS saying teachers should be supported to work at home - I hope SLT actually listen to this advice.
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  7. Jazzz

    Jazzz New commenter

    I’m getting black marks for telling my head that staff meetings in school are not essential right now. She seems to think they are. I have staff members telling me they’re not happy with the situation but in virtual staff meetings they all sit there nodding their heads like noddy dogs. So frustrating and worrying!
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  8. Marisha

    Marisha Established commenter

    Unfortunately, you find that - people scared to speak up. My husband was an EIS rep many years ago: he'd get people complaining to him, and then telling the HT that everything was fine when they were challenged.
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  9. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    Welcome to the world of education where any thought out of kilter with the orthodoxy is simply not welcome.

    And then there's the career, old chap, to consider, isn't there: some people would sell their soul for another couple of grand a year.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2020
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  10. Gavster77

    Gavster77 Occasional commenter

    alanuk is right; CfE was a breeze compared to this - if we thought an impenetrably big jargon-filled folder couldn’t be outdone, the gods clearly listened and this year threw every contradictory email and letter from a triumvirate of unions, schools and LAs.

    I don’t think ScotGov were going to return schools earlier than Aug 11th so Flanagan’s letter is academic. At this stage it’s the mental overload of contradictory statements, some digested then rendered obsolete, sometimes in the same day.

    This brings me to a major point. It’s our bosses who sent us home, advising working from home with no WTA in any form that allowed or equipped us for this. We were tacitly self certifying, maybe ill, maybe not - certainly suffering familial stress over the last three months.
    So why didn’t the unions man up and say “teachers are doing nothing, it’s mass sick pay” - the colleagues who are frequently off sick long term, whose actions I may suspect but whose rights I defend receive their holidays so that shouldn’t have been a gamble “oh we better work online or our holidays are up for grabs!“

    There should have been robust union guidance from the start. Look after yourself and families, school’s out - and what physical arrangements are needed are for PPI facility managers and absentee landlords to accommodate!

    What the EIS started from was a position of appeasement to sate the few curtain twitchers who’d care we were being paid while off school. Now there is covert whispering campaigns against those who didn’t attend hubs. Against those who didn’t act like twenty two year old NQTs with no commitments and produce lavish video lessons. As always it’s the laziest overdelegating managers who trade in such stuff. And that’s the majority management culture in Scotland so we need a test case head to roll to offset witch-hunt a once schools return. Is the EIS the union to do this? I don’t know.

    So my short answer is that Larry’s letter is too little too late and we’re lucky that ScotGov haven’t been more draconian. Otherwise his hard-sounding but “mibbes aye/mibbes naw” containing rhetoric could’ve seen us working the Summer.
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  11. Jazzz

    Jazzz New commenter

    Gavster will you be watching his “talk” tomorrow?
  12. Gavster77

    Gavster77 Occasional commenter

    I’ll watch his talk live if I make the time. Unfortunately my former departmental link dht retired in April and our new Acting one is needing checked on the amount of buttons he’s pressing in order to look effective, before my immediate colleagues bring out a collective grievance citing “chuffwittery” (sic). So we shall see.

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