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thoughts needed.......AS French result (WJEC).......remark?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by redpens, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Is it worth getting a photocopy of the paper back first? If you do it now you get it back within a week /10 days - cost £10 or £11 roughly. Then you can see where she went wrong and decide if you think it is worth getting a remark. It is almost certainly the writing (I'm not familiar with your board so guessing). On one of the other current threads there is a discussion about whether native language skills are enough to do well in the exam.Personally I don't think they are in the writing and if they haven't fulfilled the other ciriteria for the writing such as content, variety, evaluation, essay structure etc they will come down heavily. That's my guess anyway.However so many people have been complaining about the marking of the essay that it is more than possible that she has been hard done by.
  2. But if she had all her schooling in France, she should be good at writing? The French are OBSESSED with formalities and so on, so shouldn't she be very good at that?
  3. It is very bizarre. We have done so many essays this year, and her essays have always been very good. Well structured with clear conclusion, very accurate and straight to the point within the word limit. I have gone through with the class so many times how to structure an essay and for all the other candidates to get A's and B's and a few C's and then her with a D is very strange?
  4. I am asking for a remark for one of my strong candidates who had 78/80 for FN1, speaking, but 41/120 for the written paper, FN2. When I checked her marks on the WJEC secure website, I saw that she had performed very well in all aspects of the paper apart from the final essay question, where she was awarded 4/35. I am hoping this is a clerical error. Good luck with your candidate!
  5. Hmmmmm, very interesting. How do you access the results via the secure website? I have the login details for my dept etc to access past paers and such but how do i access the results? This is becoming very strange - I would be very surprised if this girl in question mis-understood the essay question - and her mark for accuracy and rane etc would have been very high, and as i have already mentioned, her content of every essay has been very good this year. Good luck with your candidate also!
  6. It's ok now, I have managed to work out how to find the info. It seems that for the final essay marked out of 35, she only had 8. This seems VERY low, especially for a native speaker.I am sure that she would not have deviated away for the essay title that much to warrant such a low mark?
  7. clarian69. I agree that 8/35 for the essay question is low for a good candidate. I checked the essay marking criteria for my own candidate. 6 to 8 out of 20 would be given Understanding and Quality if there was ' a fair degree of misunderstanding ...little of substance ... lacks organisation ...meaning unclear'. Add to that some marks for Accuracy and Range. I suppose it is possible that our students had started the exam really well and ran out of time at the end. We considered just asking for the paper back first, but decided to ask for a remark (£35) as well as the paper back (£12), as the deadline for remarks is the end of next week. Good luck with your candidate. Keep me posted.
  8. It seems to go wrong this year for many people... An ex-student of mine told me today that she got a C in German (AQA). I taught her in Y11 as a language assistant and she could do more than most of the Y12s could. The poor girl is totally distressed...
  9. Got the student's script back today, and have decided to ask for a remark. A quick question, if the exam marker has put a letter R by some marks (reading comprehension mainly) what does this mean? The essay mark is still very strange. 2 for accuracy (hardly any mistakes) 2 for range and idiom (fluent French speaker) and only 2/10 (4/20) for understanding. She chose the question regarding travelling/holidays being important for broadening one's horizons - nice intro, went on to say that it's important to learn about other cultures and way of life, that students often want to travel after finishing their studies etc, then went to the other side of the argument adding that you can also learn about these types of things using internet/books/dvds etc. Finished off by concluding that yes, travelling is the best way to broaden horizon's, but if you don't like travelling for whatever reason, it is possible to do the research at home.
    Surely, that merits more than a 2 for understanding? All done in very accurate French. Sorry for going on, but I am very perplexed and looking forward to the results of the remark!

  10. it's ok, just realised that it means that the student has taken the sentence stright form the text rather than putting it in her own words! [​IMG]

  11. What she did is perfect, isn't it? What I would have done differently is only to arrange the arguments the other way round, i.e. put the counter argument first as it would put her opinion to the end of the text - but that is a matter of taste, really. There are some moments in which you really would like to know who the hell can come up with that much rubbish... (in this case marking the poor girl down for no reason...)
  12. Well, on closer inspection, the second part of the question was something along the lines 'analysez l'importance des voyages et du tourisme'. Perhaps she should have listed the the benefits of travelling to other countries (language/culturs/food/music etc), and just mentioned the other ways of broadening one's horizons in the conclusion? Also, quite interestingly, i showed the essay to a native french speaker, and she tolde me that some of the 'errors' underlined were actually correct (bearing in mind only a couple of errors anyway) -d'autres - correct and de l'Europe a l'Asie is also correct (this was underlined). Also the one MINOR mistake i the essay (tel raison instead of telle raison) was not underlined! Humph! I shall leave you with that thought.............[​IMG]
  13. Have you sent for a remark? I'd be interested in seeing what happens, because her essay doesn't sound bad at all! It's frightening that WJEC might mess up so badly.
  14. Hi

    Just seen this on the thread. Out of interest, was the mark changed?
  15. R stands for Rubric which means that the answer has been lifted from the text so no marks are awarded. At the WJEC meeting I attended last autumn, they stressed that students had to manipulate the original language into their own words in order to score marks. If she has not done this she will have lost considerable points here - that's where my students struggle most. As for the essay.....I hope the remark improves her result.
    I hope this helps

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