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Thoughts and feedback on new IGCSE ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by robsm, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Hi Cathy
    We started the IGCSE ICT starting in 2009. It does allow you to teach more as you are not overrun with coursework marking. Obviously will know more when the students take the exam in June this year. Edexcel could have been more helpful. Nothing knew on their IGCSE ICT website for the past 18 months. I thought they would offer more materials to help the students prepare for the exams. At least there is a book out now published by Pearsons. We ran the first year of the course without it as it has only recently been released. If you need any advice by all means ask.

  2. Interesting. We are ditching OCR GCSE ICT this year after years and years of frustration over coursework, and the assessed coursework tasks in the new specifications look exactly the same - it just has a new name. We are moving over to the IGCSE for all students from September, with a high-flyers class doing AS Computing in year 10 and 11 instead. I am so looking forward to no coursework marking / trying to work out what exam board wants in coursework from year to year, no more shifting goalposts, no more appeals to an exam board set up to ensure appeals will rarely succeed, no more muppets of the third order marking coursework and no more pedantic screendumps, annotaing, hoop-jumping and being pi ssed off with coursework generally,Hello lots of practical work, lots of fun and more time to enjoy IT.
  3. A note of caution.
    I too liked the look of the Edexcel IGCSE course and contacted Edexcel in April with a very specific question about accreditation and suitability for a an English ISA school. I was told the course is accredited.
    Ten weeks into teaching the following term I sent a routine email asking if any INSET courses were being planned. The reply to that email informed me that the course is NOT accredited in the UK.
    The CIE IGCSE IS accredited, but not the Edexcel.
    After such appalling incompetence from Edexcel I will be very wary of them in future.
  4. I was was hoping the IGCSE course was accredited. The though of no more course work was attractive. I will have to choose another ICT GCSE course to replace BCS.

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