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This week's Functional skills exam - a total sham

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mossonbrick, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. You have to laugh at the STUPIDly thought through arrangements for this exam. I had a quick look on the main student discussion forums last night and low and behold, there was our exam board's functional skills level 2 test, currently live, being discussed. This has got to stop. It is compleltely IDIOTIC to have an exam live for a whole week, this week, where pupils who sit it on Monday can post about it to their heart's content, and those doing it on Friday will be fully aware what they have to do and what to revise!! HOW FuCCIN STUPID CAN YOU GET!!!!!
    It is unfair on pupils and is yet another reminder of the noddies now in charge of this at exam boards and the pointless role that the so-called guardians of standards are playing. ICT sinks deeper into the disruptable retuation it has been fast gaining in recent years .....

  2. Wow, have you got in touch with the exam board? They need to know this is going on.
  3. This is hardly an issue limited to ICT, nor something new. There are a number of subjects where practical exams have a lifespan of more than one day.
    To be honest, you could argue that many controlled assessment tasks and even practical coursework suffer from the same problems.
    We do AQA FS and frankly we know that there's going to be a design question, a spreadsheet question, a database query question and an email question so I'd question whether prior knowledge is actually that useful in this case anyway.

  4. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    And unless you have double the numbers of PC / laptop for every kid who is doing your FS (you need the gap between them) this is always going to happen.
    Not good, not fair, but hey
  5. Which discussion forum are you talking, can you please state?
    Also, another angle... don't forget the exams are meant to be practical - like a driving test - "you can do it or you can't" on the day in nature, and in theory advance knowledge shouldn't count. Doesn't really wash does it tho? I know what I'd do.... swot like crazy on those particular skill areas if I knew in advance. [​IMG]

  6. I won't post links here but if you really are an ict teacher, and you have used advanced search in google ...... Just for a giggle I did send 4 links this afternoon to a few of the papers, and pointed out that i also have the evidence that proves edexcel etc were told about this during the pilot and chose to stick their head in a bucket of sand and do nothing about it at all. Their do-nothing attitude is very sad. My pupils i am sure will have visited the forums i told them not to and will be well prepared on Friday. And standards are rising ....
  7. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Not condoning the above for a second but what do professional coders/developers do when they have an issue they cannot solve?
    Get online, go to a forum, get some help and support.
    It seems to me that the students doing this are showing they have very good functional ICT skills. [​IMG]

  8. Now the above made me smile.....[​IMG]
  9. Sorry - somehow my post got posted twice....

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