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This Summer's AQA Spec. B Paper 2 Writing Query: Views Much Appreciated

Discussion in 'English' started by JaneBennet, May 20, 2011.

  1. JaneBennet

    JaneBennet New commenter

    <font size="2">Hi,</font><font size="2">Long-time browser, first-time poster! I'd really appreciate your opinions on a recent English Language exam. </font><font size="2">My Year 11s have just sat AQA Spec. B Paper 2 , which has a writing question on Analyse/Review/Comment. The question was: "Your local paper is asking for articles for a series called "Never to be forgotten". Write your article which analyses why a particular place or person is, for you, never to be forgotten." </font>combine an objective tone (probably by, among other things, using phrases they've encountered in exemplar analytical writing such as "some may argue..." - usually ideal for analysis!) with the highly personal nature of the question. I do worry that stronger candidates generally could be at a disadvantage for sensing these contradictory expectations and trying to address them in their responses, while a lower ability candidate who wasn't aware of them and (for example!) explained why s/he enjoyed a seaside holiday, may actually be on safer ground and better off...
    <font size="2">Any thoughts would be much appreciated!</font>
  2. sweetie1

    sweetie1 New commenter

    I thought it was a really strangely worded question too. A lot of my kids are convinced they have failed because they didn't know how to tackle it. I've reassured them that every candidate in the country will also have struggled - your post has reassured me that it's not just my teaching! We'll find out in August, I guess!
  3. JaneBennet

    JaneBennet New commenter

    Hi sweetie!
    Thanks for your reply. I've said the same to my lot - that the marking focusses on the positive, the Board should take into account any trends in how students responded etc. etc. I'm reassured that it's not just me, though!
    I wonder whether anyone else feels as we do.


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