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This pathetic self-indulgent snowflakery is getting ridiculous!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by nomad, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    An exam board has said that students can complain if they felt “triggered” by a calorie-counting question.

    Pupils protested that a maths GCSE question about how many calories a woman had consumed for breakfast was distressing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder.

    One student, a recovering anorexic, told how she was so upset by the question that she had to leave the exam hall in a panic.

    The question said: “There are 84 calories in 100g of banana. There are 87 calories in 100g of yogurt. Priti has 60g of banana and 150g of yogurt for breakfast. Work out the total number of calories in this breakfast”.

    Following the concerns, Pearson, which owns the exam board EdExcel, carried out a review of the question and found it to be valid.

    A spokesman for Pearson said that any student “who thinks that this question may have impacted their performance” should make contact via their school.

    Poppy-Willow Kent, a student from Colchester, wrote on Twitter: “I am sorry, but can I ask what on earth you were thinking by having a question around counting calories?

    "Your exams are primarily taken by 15-20 year olds, who are also the age group most likely to suffer from eating disorder.”

    A 16-year-old student from Hampshire added: “The weighing food and calorie question on the paper today triggered me so much. Hopefully it didn’t upset anyone else who suffers.

    "It just bought back so many bad memories for me that I was about to cry. Do they know about the crisis or I’m being over sensitive?”

    Meanwhile, Isobel Colclough, 16, from Stoke-on-Trent, explained how the question left her in a "panic" and she had to leave the exam hall.

    "I read the question and it bought back so many memories of counting calories, it put me into a panic where I had to leave the room for about five minutes and a teaching assistant calmed me down," she said.

    "Then the teaching assistant persuaded me to go back into the room and I did manage to finish the exam but it stayed on my mind for quite a while after. For someone who has in the past been obsessed with counting calories, it definitely triggered memories of counting everything."

    Miss Colclough, who used to be anorexic, said she is considering making a formal complaint about the question. It is the latest exam question to have sparked debate this summer.
  2. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    So calories are offensive?

    OK, I'll add that to my ever lengthening list.
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  3. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

  4. LondonCanary

    LondonCanary Star commenter

    Seems potentially racist and sexist too by suggesting non-white women are calorie obsessed.
  5. Geoff Thomas

    Geoff Thomas Star commenter

    "A freedom fighter opens fire on a large group of government officers. If his probability of killing a government officer is 1 in 3, and he can fire 10 rounds per second until he is overwhelmed, how many government officers will he kill in his last glorious 12 seconds?"

    (Paraphrased from a maths book used in Zimbabwe in the early years after independence)
  6. Norsemaid

    Norsemaid Lead commenter

    I've been reading up on accounts of children and teenagers in the Second World War and what their lives were like on a day to day basis .
    Some,of them lost close relatives, were evacuated , lost homes etc , and still they sat exams. Sat their exams in an air raid shelter ( tables still far enough apart and chaperoned , or halls whilst planes were flying overhead ) . But they did it , got on with it and it wasn't fun for them either and they were scared but they did it.
    Yes, they don't like the sounds of the sirens if they hear them in a tv programme , and they admit they feel a little more timid of things at times and have memories that flash back at them , but there's none of this poor ol me thinking or indignant outrage.
    I'm not sure why or what this pupil expects the exam board to do and I'm sorry she's had a rough time with anorexia ,but it still defies belief .
    It's more evidence of the " this world owes me a carefree life"
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  7. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Oh, no. I feel emotionally stunted. I had anorexia in my late 20s and I just don't feel emotionally scarred! What is WRONG with me? Why can I read this stuff with impunity? I'm a freak!

    (Yeah, obviously.)

    But I'm upset now. I'm a dinosaur, a relic of the old days. Just not sensitive enough!
  8. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    Having a friend who suffered with anorexia and seen how bad it can be, I think the girl is entitled to complain to the exam board. It was an easy thing to spot and should have been avoided. I don't think it merits the "snowflake" call.
    Mermaid7 likes this.
  9. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    There is nothing inherently wrong with counting calories. Nothing inherently wrong with drinking vodka. Or sex!

    Getting obsessed with any of those things isn't a great idea.
  10. nomad

    nomad Star commenter


    And more recently too.


    A teenage girl turned up for her GCSE exam in her pyjamas, hours after she escaped from the Grenfell Tower fire clutching her revision notes.

    Ines Alves, 16, fled her 13th floor flat along with family in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the deadly inferno spread through the North Kensington tower block.

    After taking refuge at a friend’s house overnight, the defiant teenager made her way to Sacred Heart School in Hammersmith on Wednesday morning to sit her exam at 9am, wearing the same clothes she fled her home in.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
  11. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    I find the name 'Poppy-Willow' so awful, so stomach turning, so vomit inducing that I am now feeling sick:eek:. Please let me have her parents' address so I can sue them.:D

    All mention of her name MUST come with a trigger warning, IMHO... ;)
  12. Norsemaid

    Norsemaid Lead commenter

    Yes I remember reading that too and admiring her for doing that .
    Looking at the bigger picture and the implications of not doing an exam .
    Being a teenager or growing up was never much fun at times, but it's how you handled it and how your parents supported you through it , as well as looking at how they handled times of hardship .
  13. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

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  14. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Wish I could double like
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  15. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    I'm actually more surprised at the ease of the question.

    This is now GCSE maths?
  16. Oscillatingass

    Oscillatingass Star commenter

    I wonder if the ones who complained were just rubbish at Maths so it was a handy excuse for doing badly. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between their result and their snowflakery. Of course we will never know.
  17. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    That was my thought too.
  18. Oscillatingass

    Oscillatingass Star commenter

    Isn't the idea to start off with easy questions to build confidence and then questions get harder as one progresses through the paper? I was never a Maths teacher but the above approach was standard in the subject I taught.
  19. emerald52

    emerald52 Star commenter

    Why can’t it be about digging a hole or measuring a piece of string? Or how many acres of rain forest have to be cut down before exams won’t matter?
    monicabilongame and cissy3 like this.
  20. LondonCanary

    LondonCanary Star commenter

    Start off with easy questions 1950s style. (No calculators)
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019

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