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This is so hard!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by PaulDG, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    Without the experience of a few days in a school, you're going to find it very difficult to persuade any ITT provider that you're genuinely interested in teaching

    You may be lucky and the ITT provider may give you a conditional offer that might involve you spending time in one of their partner schools, but if there's any way you can do it off your own back first that will look a lot better.

    And there's always the possibility that if you do spend a few days in school you find you hate it and it's a lot better to find that out now than in September!
  2. I work full time. I have taken annual leave and tried to do experience but all my emails and calls to primary schools have not been answered so my annual leave is wasted. I have contacted about 6 schools. I have friday off but nowhere to obsserve. Any ideas?
  3. Do you have any connections with a school eg. Your old school, Kid's school, a friend's child's school. If you do I would contact them as your first point of call. I doubt you will get into a school this week unless you are in Scotland as it is half term in England. xxx
  4. Things just get worse.I am 27 yrs old so non of my old teachers or anyone who would know me are there. I dont have kids or friends with kids. I posted on the headteachers board and one said they could help if I am willing to travel (which I am) but when I replied they didnt get back to me. I sent a private message but no response. Trying so hard but hitting brick walls. I even registered with an agency for cover supervisor but I have to request permission for an extra job (even if its voluntary) and the person who will make the decision is off til after my interview. I have askjed someone else to decide but apparently I have to wait for my manager. So frustrated!

  5. It can't hurt to try your old school. Im 26 and there are quite a few teachers at my old primary school who were there when I was. xxx
  6. I went through the website. They have all left. The school got into special measures a few years ago and a lot changed. I called them but get the same response 'you need to put it in writing, here is the email address' and when I send one, I get no reply. Follow up calls get fobbed off.
  7. you need to contact more than six, there are lots of primary schools out there and the trouble is that they have a lot of people in our position contacting them wanting experience. A lot of them said to me: 'we're too small a shool' or 'we've already got student teachers/people volunteering in' it was very frustrating for me too but you just have to cast your net wider and literally email all the schools in your wider area.
    And while you say some of them have said 'put it in writing' I tend to think a phonecall is better in general. It's more proactive and since schools get hundreds of emails it's likely yours gets brushed under the carpet...

    Keep perservering! And congratulations on gaining an interview without any experience. Your prospective ITT provider obviously sees some real potential in you!
  8. Thank you for your advice. I do keep phoning but keep getting told they are considering it. The problem is that I work full time shifts. I have put a message on the headteachers board to ask if any can help. I am going to have a major phoning session. All I need is to do is observe some lessons!

    Thanks for your help, its better for a sharing a problem. Feel a little less stressed.
  9. I am 40 and have not been in a primary school since I was last a student in one. I called one just down the road from me and explained I was applying for a PGCE and they agreed I could on the phone, subject to a CRB (they will do it), there and then. But this was for a few months away.
    I think the short notice might be a problem for the schools especially if they do not have time for a CRB. Remember, they know nothing about you, and if anything happened and they were found not to have done checks then heads would roll!
  10. I have a 1 month old CRB with Derby City Council so the CRB isnt really a problem as most the schools here are city council.
    Good news folk! I have registered with an agency who is going to get me voluntary stuff as TA in primary until my registration with them comes through, then I can get paid for it and they dont mind working around my shifts and if i get on the course they will help with an NQT years, so feel I have hit lucky! I also put a post on the headteachers board anda head there has also said he might be able to help. I just need to try and prepare short presentations on 6 things I know nothing about :)

    Thank you for your help guys!

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