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Third interview, third time lucky?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by caramel, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. My kids love it when I use a puppet called squeek. He is a small parrot and is not very good at things so the children have to help him. He does things like making a squeeking noise and the children count in their heads and then show the number on a number fan. we also find a number and then he squeeks. How many altogether. show on fan. He also squeeks in my ear when counting and sometimes misses out numbers and the children have to put their hand up as soon as they hear him miss one.
    For literacy he squeeks a word in my ear. I say the letters eg c a t and then say the word cat. but sometimes he gets it wrong and will say dog.
    My kids really respond well and are always asking for me to get him out of his bed under my chair. You could make a bed for your puppet out of a shoe box.
    If you are confident to use one this is a great way of keeping the children focussed and involved.

    Good luck

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