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Thinking / Planning on going back to work ... already!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ladymarm, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. childminders vary in price depending on your location. Where i live they cost approx £3.50-£4 phour and tend to charge a retainer for school holidays to hold the place if you don't use it.
    Have you looked into benefits you might be entitiled to? direct.gov.uk
  2. I went through the same thought process a while back. I was orignially just going to go back full time and pay a nursery 5 days a week. I will be on my own but because im on m6 + tlr i still didnt get much benefits so there was no way i could afford to go part time, despite it costing less in childcare.
    As time went on i must have got a bit more maternal (lol) and have since decided to go back 0.6 in september (3 days a week). I have to apply after the little lad is born (7 weeks! eek!) but i should get it as they know i'll just go elsewhere if i dont. I love my job, and the thought of not being there full time is a bit scary not knowing what is going on all the time but i just thought spending time with little one is mroe important. Even after benefits (which isnt much) i will still be down 900 quid a month from september compared to what im on now, i do wonder how i'll cope but i will just have to.
    I've already started to make changes like shopping at lidl across the road instead of asda (saves me loads as i dont buy the whole shop like i do asda). With last months wage i paid off my 900 quid credit card so i dont have to worry about the payments of that. And then my car which costs me lots, i am working on getting rid of.
    I'm also quite lucky that im a maths teachers and there is always loads of work for private tutors so i plan to do a couple of 30 quid an hour sessions a week to top up my wages.
    I'm sure you will work something out, especially if you could perhaps try and save now (mind you i havent!)Good luck

    Sarah 33wks


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