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Thinking of teaching in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by abbieclark248, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    The ‘East Sussex’ is BCAD.
    Mr Frosty is spot on with most things, as normal.
    Personally, the Derbyshire school on Reem still has a lot to prove though.
    Smarty building schools... yuck!
    The best schools are the best for a reason - high expectations, but just rewards. Amazing places to work.
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  2. Mr_Frosty

    Mr_Frosty Established commenter

    I have to admit I don't know anyone who works at the Reem school, but one of my non-reacting friends was telling me they met someone that did and they said only good things. But then again, I suspect things would have to be pretty bad before they admitted it publicly - people would be quick to assume you're the problem rather than the school I imagine.
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  3. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    As far as I know the company which owns the school on Reem is not that great, and their Dubai schools are not what they used to be. Not in the same league as the 3 mentioned schools, the academies and BISAD are also better in my opinion. Other people might disagree of course...
  4. billybookcase

    billybookcase New commenter

    A friend of mine works for a great expanding school in Dubai so if anyone is looking for a future position please let me know.
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  5. cookiemonster611

    cookiemonster611 New commenter

    My wife and I are planning on moving out to the ME with our little one- in particular Qatar or AD. We both teach core subjects in the UK and would love the chance to move back out after doing a few years in the ME earlier in our teaching career.

    After reading through similar threads, it is quite clear as to which schools to stay well clear of- esp in Qatar! However, there are quite a few jobs out at the moment at a certain Academy franchise with, I believe, seven schools in AD which we are thinking of applying to.

    Any information on these schools would be very much appreciated.
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  6. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Also interested in this exact same school, Any info would be much appreciated
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  7. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Anyone planning on going to Abu Dhabi this year and had a job offer.

    Could do with any advice and help.
  8. aliali5208

    aliali5208 New commenter

    Cookie monster please send me a tes conversation if you have applied to these schools and been successful. Interested to see how you got on and how the process has been so far.
  9. cookiemonster611

    cookiemonster611 New commenter

    I have not heard anything from the schools so far. I'm giving it until Easter. Anybody else had a reply yet?

    Conversation thingy Sent :)
  10. sybilp

    sybilp New commenter

  11. mina1993

    mina1993 New commenter

    Please could you also fill me in on the top 3 schools as i am considering applying to jobs in abu dhabi. thanks
  12. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Conversation sent.
  13. DarenL

    DarenL New commenter

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of job hunting for Primary School Teacher positions in Abu Dhabi, would be interested to learn your views on the top 3 schools. Oh, and just to say that I've enjoyed reading your views on life in the UAE.
  14. Powergnome3

    Powergnome3 Occasional commenter

    Hi... no worries... conversation started.

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